Alexandra Reshmedylova

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January 26 35 Society expects rapid changes, but in practice this is not always easy to achieve, hence the somewhat disappointing_x000D_
February 20 51 To attract foreign specialists to the government - a disgrace
March 14 57 The coalition did not want to do "overhaul" of the country, only "cosmetic"
April 17 52 Normandy format "clearly demonstrated its inefficiency and incapacity
May 27 48 Think Tank President: who and what has turned out for the year
June 19 48 The center is still trying to keep control on the ground for financial control
July 19 55 Moskal appointments will help stabilize the situation in Transcarpathia.
August 23 59 The ruling party changed its configuration, but not strong jerk podemonstriruet
September 14 74 What trump cards up its sleeve Omelchenko and "Unity"
October 56 45 Dirty election is inevitable
November 34 50 Calling our current policy circus, clowns we offend
December 42 48 Biden's visit. by Yatsenyuk decision has been taken