Alexei Garan

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January 161 7 Our soldiers in "Piski" and the airport - the real heroes, Rambo is resting!
February 151 14 What to expect from the Ukraine talks in Paris
March 130 13 Kolomoisky not defeated
April 196 13 Why former Regionals again raised their heads
May 129 21 On the Donbas is brewing a new escalation of the conflict, the requirements of the militants - not feasible
June 51 23 Decentralisation is necessary for all, and especially areas of Donbass, which will have at its expense more powers
July 136 14 What to expect from the Constitution Poroshenko?
August 78 19 If Yatsenyuk will change and, together with the Parliament and not until the spring
September 59 21 The most dangerous thing for us - to legitimize the militants and saving them within Ukraine
October 113 21 First results. What opened the local elections
November 59 25 Russia will not leave us alone
December 65 25 Biden and co. Why did the US put pressure on Kiev