Alexey Golobutsky

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February 43 42 Personnel policy of Poroshenko raises serious questions
March 35 39 The Governor of Zaporozhye can become a business partner of President
April 34 40 Russia has adopted a strategy of freezing the conflict in Donbas
May 49 41 Scandal with Ershov - the apotheosis of GAI corruption
June 67 17 Business in Ukraine needs the same radical steps like in Georgia
July 121 18 The elections in 205 th district will be disrupt anyway.
August 69 25 Poroshenko has figured out how to take votes from the electoral competitors
September 70 17 Riots in Kharkov are "on hand" to Dobkin and Kernes
October 85 26 Tariff maidan in Kyiv will end with nothing
November 43 42 "The patriotic services" of Kolomoisky has become too expensive for him
December 86 17 Lviv against Yatsenyuk, Minister in handcuffs, the court of the Russian Federation - Ukraine