Anatoliy Pavlenko

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January 67 20 In the case, when we begin to act the military situation, begin to act the Geneva and Hague Conventions. And they said that if the armistice and truce violation by one of the party, the other party may resume hostilities
February 40 44 In Ukraine there are no resources for a general mobilization_x000D_
March 12 58 If we have a powerful weapon will then have a militia, no one will agree_x000D_
April 16 54 Convention on the occupied territories provide occupants
May 4 75 All winners for the front -. All for Victory_x000D_
June 6 73 Russia goes on the offensive in order to strengthen its negotiating position
July 6 76 Contract army will not protect Ukraine smozheet
August 27 51 Volunteer Battalions is pushed to the rear, they are afraid
September 44 30 Approximately 5% of GDP on "defense industry" will just will pass
October 15 80 Air Force of Ukraine are in a troubled state
November 0 0 0
December 0 0 0