Andrey Miselyuk

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January 30 33 Is there a future for Minsk agreements
February 30 48 Lethal Weapon to Ukraine from the West abruptly raise the price of Russian losses in the Donbas
March 18 54 What would give the public detain of officials and why the head of GSCHS was handcuffed in front of cameras
April 16 55 Puti-minutes of the hate
May 21 54 Living in a new way
June 19 49 Minister of Ecology Shevchenko is likely to have to write a letter of resignation
July 26 46 The peaceful resolution of the situation around Mukachevo in the interests of all parties.
August 15 69 The Party of power did not make conclusions after parliamentary elections
September 18 66 The Chechnya veteran Yatsenyuk is an uncomfortable partner
October 40 56 Poroshenko is transformed into a kind of Yanukovych and Kuchma
November 30 55 There was formed a new unpublic alliance of Saakashvili and Hryhoryshyn
December 51 38 Wrong thing. There was a sp;it In Crimea energy blockade