Andrey Yermolaev

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January 18 42 When Poroshenko will begin to fulfill the promises?
February 73 32 At the Donbass there is "nothing" Ukrainians
March 35 38 There is no self-government in Ukraine
April 31 42 The people no longer believe politicians
May 48 42 Poroshenko will be pushed for the signing of the law decommunisation
June 16 56 Everything must be done to get people back to their homeland. And left the patriots
July 31 43 Cancelations of the elections in the Donbass faces a new round of escalation of the conflict.
August 46 38 Moscow beat Kiev, an urgent need to negotiate with the Donbas
September 42 34 Ukraine itself draws its members from the Donbass
October 37 59 You can read smart text "on the box", but people know what they are - a moral criminals
November 19 73 Right sector will continue the Revolution of dignity
December 83 18 The eternal search for his older brother - the problem of our attitude