Andrey Zolotarev

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January 110 13 In Europe, do not recognize the "DNR" and "LNR" as terrorists
February 163 13 Europe will again threaten Russia with sanctions
March 182 4 This power exists, yet there is a war
April 204 11 What will be if Putin recognizes DNR and LNR
May 215 7 Poroshenko has replaced democracy in the clans. So long to turn democracy into obscurantism
June 71 14 Ukrainian opposition is unprofessional
July 172 6 Parliament has laid the bomb.
August 118 11 Main competitors of "OppoBloka" will be the parties "Revival" and "Our Land".
September 92 7 Lyashko left the political orbit of Liovochkin
October 262 4 In local elections won Poroshenko, strengthened the power vertical
November 213 2 The benefits of European integration of Ukraine are commonplace as political technology myth
December 117 8 Firstly there is a re-election in Krivoy Rog, and then - "the president is not real!"