Brexit could last for decades to come – analyst

Saying that Brexit is in jeopardy, Theresa may, the blackmailing part of the British establishment, who in their own interest doesn’t want to leave the European Union, and thereby to ignore the referendum results.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

“Resistance is part of the British establishment trying de facto to remain in the EU is still significantly, and the statement may about the threat to Brexit’and is in the nature of blackmail, the essence of which is that if they continue to behave and further, the UK will not withdraw from the European Union than to be ignored a referendum,” – said the analyst. .

R. Bortnik added that today the British government faced two political forces, one of which can be called independently, representing the “hard” way out of the European Union and other unionists, representing a “soft” option.

“The first period was represented by retired Boris Johnson, who advocated tougher Brexit’a while maintaining economic and military cooperation. Theresa may defends a “soft” exit from the European Union”, – explained the expert.

If you implement a “soft” version, as the expert said, the UK will leave only the governing body of this organization, but will maintain itself in free trade zone and in the administrative management and coordination of defense. But I will not back Britain’s sovereignty, as urged by Johnson.

“The United States criticized the “soft” option Brexit’and because they wanted to see the UK more independent player. But, judging from the last meeting trump and may come to understand each other,” suggested the analyst.

Also, the expert suggested that Brexit could last for decades and will be held according to the soft scenario. The EU, in turn, also exerts pressure UK, for example London can be very contagious to other EU members.

“But, at the moment it is hardly possible to speak about deep crisis of the European Union. There are differences in views have arisen as to solve the problem, but the tendencies to decay out of the question. Germany and France are interested in the preservation of the structure, and the younger members are interested to have access to European subsidies, open markets, Schengen area, etc.,” – concluded R. Bortnik.

We will remind that on July 15, Prime Minister Theresa may warned that Brexit may not take place because of attempts by lawmakers to derail its plan to exit the European Union.

So, may said that the UK takes a tough stance in the next round of negotiations with the EU.

“My message to the country this weekend is simple: we need to focus on the goal. If we do not, we risk to remain безBrexit’and,” – said may.

According to her, the plan of leaving the EU – is a holistic system with a set of results that are non-negotiable.

“Some people ask whether our agreement on withdrawal from the EU is only a starting point from which we begin to regress. Allow me to clarify. Our agreement Breaksit is not a long wish list from which negotiators can choose. It is a holistic plan with a set of results that are not negotiable,” – said may.

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18.07.2018 - 12