Dmitry Vydrin

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February 19 52 Change is not hidden in the bottle of napalm
March 25 48 At least half of the workers the President is being framed
April 19 50 The West may inflame the conflict in Ukraine and repay it
May 10 65 Tymoshenko was secretly in love with Yushchenko
June 6 72 Julia Tymosheko should not be in prison, but on her knees
July 6 74 The opposition's problem is the lack of a real leader
August 0 105 Either we pacify of corruption, or it will pacify us
September 9 83 Kharkiv was put Kernes
October 4 108 "The main thing in the idea of a Turanian world was formulated in Bakhchisarai in the newspaper "Translator"
November 3 114 Politician is the seller of promises
December 5 111 The Israelis pulled to the right