The elimination of the leaders of the Donbass combatants not in the interests of Ukraine – political analyst

Murder Zakharchenko to Ukrainian interests and will not affect the balance of forces in the Donbas.

Such opinion during the press-conference in information Agency “ГолосUA” said the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

The murder of Alexander Zakharchenko in the Donbass – it is an extraordinary situation from many points of view, the political scientist said.

“Killed not only the head of the so-called DNR, killed one of the signatories of the Minsk agreements, as an individual. The murder of one of the signatories of the Minsk agreements puts a great sign of doubt and stress in the matter of implementation of the Minsk agreements. That is, the mechanism that regulates the implementation of the Minsk agreements, frozen for an indefinite period”, – said R. Bortnik.

The analyst added: “to sum up the political results as a result of this murder, we have to see who benefits and who needs it. At the end we have the freezing of the Normandy format, while the murder Zakharchenko will not be investigated. Unfortunately, Channel four has shown its incapability in resolving the situation in Donbass”.

According to R. Bortnik, perhaps this murder was a settling of accounts, economic showdowns. Together with Zakharchenko hurt other people. By the way, for the victims of the attack by the Minister of income and fees Timofeev trail of hostile takeovers. We cannot rule out the fact of personal revenge – another version. Most likely, the Russian authorities accused in the murder Zakharchenko Ukrainian side.

“This murder is not in Ukrainian interests, this murder does not affect the balance of forces in the Donbas. All the attempt did not affect the Russian staff, other structural entities. Attempt to relate the symbols of the opposition, the leaders of the Donbass combatants (in international law that members of the armed forces of the parties to the conflict. – Ed.) and it’s not in the interests of Ukraine”, – concluded the analyst.

Дата публикации: 
05.09.2018 - 13