Eugene Magda

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January 127 12 Do not panic. Ukraine is losing the information war with Russia
February 137 18 Putin relies on gangrene
March 85 24 Belarus has many weak points to start the hybrid war
April 149 18 Political scientist explained why Maidan-3 is not worthy of condemnation
May 119 24 Survive and win. Why Putin chose Ukraine as a victim
June 71 15 From Saturday to Saturday. Fire alarm, decentralization as a panacea and transatlantic intelligence
July 118 19 Syndrome "zrady": Ukrainian curse.
August 99 14 The optimism of the OSCE - is window dressing
September 51 27 Ukraine is wanted to be shaked by " Morel`s plan"
October 91 24 Local elections - the prelude to a future parliamentary race
November 64 22 Russia does not need any of Belarus and Ukraine as independent state
December 54 35 Balancing on the "arc of terror"