The growth of crime in Ukraine in 2015: situation, factors and political deaths


From 2013 to 2015, in Ukraine observes the process of rapid growth in the number and severity of crime; a significant deterioration in the level of crime, General criminal and crime situation in the country.

So according to official data, in 2015 in Ukraine there were more than 1.2 million crimes (1 million – in 2014). A lot of crimes in the city of Kyiv, Dnipropetrovska oblast and Donetska.

In 2015, there were almost 200 thousand of grave and especially grave crimes (2014 – over 180 thousand). Although intentional homicide was less than a year earlier – 8224 (11279 in 2014), but with the use of firearms - 1526, explosives – 106, two times more than in 2013 (5861). The level of assaults, cases of corruption remained the same, the number of rapes decreased by 15%

In fact the actions of illegal armed formation in 2014, the General prosecutor’s office was recorded 457 offences, and in 2015 – 543. Three times increase in the number of kidnappings and attacks on militiamen in 130 times! – 12 in 2013 and 1568 in 2015!

The main scourge of the country became a different kind of theft: the number of registered only in 2015 has increased by 50 thousand (up to 468 thousand), vehicle theft (15 thousand – an increase of 20%) and war crimes (for the year an increase of 40% to 7.3 thousand).

According to information from the Prosecutor General's office of Ukraine for 2015 the crime rate has increased and the level of crime – on the contrary, decreased. Thus, the clearance rate in Ukraine amounted to 10% (according to GPU) to 23.3 (according to police). For comparison: in 2013– 26.6 %, and in 2014 it was 24.6% And it's a given household conflicts and violations of traffic rules. The law enforcement system actually doesn’t works. And considering the poor work of courts, we can state the paralysis of public administration in this sector.

Today the crime rate in Ukraine in 2 times broke the record even "dashing nineties" - the era of banditry. So in 1995 it was registered 641 860 crimes, then their number began to decline in the second half of the last decade was recorded not more than half a million crimes a year. And this despite the fact that the real population of Ukraine has decreased by 20%.

  1. Growth factors

  1. The war in the Donbass and associated tributaries: weapons, millitants, and illegal schemes of capital formation;

  2. The rapidly deteriorating socio-economic situation – poverty, leading to increased crimes with economic motives;

  3. The growth of crime is really the same as the increase in the share of the unemployed — from 7.7 % in 2013 to 10 % this year, and with the fall of the average wage in the country from $ 450 to $ 170;

  4. The systematic diversion of staff from their primary duties for the implementation of non-core functions (service in the ATO zone);

  5. Cleaning lustration in law enforcement and the leaching of professionals with law enforcement, escape some of the staff after the victory of the Maidan;

  6. Discredit of law enforcement agencies in the period of the Maidan – a low level of credibility, trust and connection with society;

  7. The use of law enforcement agencies in political struggle and, therefore, demoralization of employees;

  8. Low financial and logistical support for law enforcement agencies

  9. The complexity and deterioration (weakening) of law enforcement agencies in connection with the adoption of a more liberal (European) criminal law;

  10. The legalization of ordinary criminals as "activists of the Maidan" fighters of the volunteer battalions ATO (see the story of the battalion "Tornado"); the heads of criminals – as members of Parliament or heads of Executive authorities

3. “Political” deaths

One of the trend of crime in the past 2 years after the Maidan became politically motivated crimes, and especially murders and strange deaths. Criminal murder in the fight for the property before and were not uncommon in Ukraine (although to a large extent, and disappeared in the 2000s).

Largely in part guilty of such crimes to the authorities or she incites to commit them, thus eliminating their opponents or people who own potentially dangerous information. With the government, at the time, was supported by a wave of so-called "garbage lustration" (the physical seizure and throwing political opponents into the dustbin), after which some of the participants in such attacks became more radical and turned to physical intimidation and elimination of the objectionable.

A significant part of the opposition politicians, journalists, political scientists and sociologists have left the territory of Ukraine for fear of political terror.

Top of the most resonance political murders, suicides after Maidan

Valentina Semenyuk-Samsonenko, 57 years old ( date of death 27.08.2014)

Deputy of Ukraine of four convocations (the second was elected from the Communist party of Ukraine, the following three from the Socialist party). In 2005-2008 she headed the state property Fund of Ukraine (SPF). In her last years she cooperated with the "Ukrainian choice" Viktor Medvedchuk, was engaged in women's movement.

Body Semenyuk-Samsonenko was found on August 27, 2014 in her home in the village of Chaika, near Kiev. The former head of the SPF has died from a gunshot wound in the forehead. Near the body lay a hunting! shotgun TOZ brand (registered to one of the family members). Suicide note the deceased has not left.

The case was transferred to the Kievo-Svyatoshinsky regional Department of militia. Considered two main versions: murder and suicide. The consequence has appointed a number of examinations, including inspection of rifles

In September 2014, the Deputy head of the main investigation Department of MIA of Ukraine Alexander Vakulenko said that in Semenyuk-Samsonenko no suspects, and in February of this year, the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin said that he has every reason to believe that it was suicide.

According to investigators, the woman dropped to one knee on the floor, at an acute angle put on it by the butt of the weapon and shot herself in the forehead.

Mikhail Chechetov, 61 years old (data of death 28.02.2015)

Politician. Member of the Party of regions. As Valentina Samsonenko in 2003-2005 he headed the state property Fund of Ukraine. He was elected MP in 1994, 2006, 2007 and 2012. At the time of death did not occupy any significant posts

Against Chechetov was under investigation concerning the organization of voting for "dictatorial laws" 16 of January 2014. 20 February 2015 Chechetov was arrested, and on February 23 was released under.

About 1.30 a.m. on February 28, 2015 Chechetov's body was discovered near the apartment building entrance on the street Mishugi in Kiev. The politician lived on the 17th floor of the duplex apartment, from the window and fell out. Wife of Chechetov, waking up at night and not finding him there, then she went around the whole apartment and saw on the second floor open window and slipper husband. There was no one else at this time in the apartment of Chechetov .

In his office the politician left a suicide note: "I'm leaving. I think it would be better for all. A huge thank you to everyone for their support. I'm sorry and don't misunderstand me". Police, citing information from relatives, said that after the criminal case Chechetov was in depression.

Upon death Chechetov was opened criminal proceedings under article "premeditated murder". The police explained that this qualification will allow them to check all possible versions.

The final version of the police has not published yet

Alexander Peklushenko, 60 year old (data of death 12.03. 2015)

Politician. The member of political Council of Party of regions. Deputy of Ukraine of three convocations: IV–VI. In 2004, he was a confidant of Viktor Yanukovych in the presidential election. From 2011 until the change of government in 2014 was the head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration.

In 2014 in respect of Peklushenko was initiated criminal proceedings for the illegal dispersal of the Euromaidan in Zaporozhye. He faced up to eight years in prison

12 March 2015 Peklushenko was found in the basement of his home in the Solar village near the city of Zaporozhye with a gunshot wound to the neck. Next to him was a hunting rifle registered in his name.

After the death Peklushenko was initiated criminal proceedings under article "premeditated murder". The police are inclined to believe that it was suicide. Among other versions – incitement to suicide and murder disguised as suicide

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov expressed the view that Peklushenko committed suicide because of an upcoming court on the events on Euromaidan. "I was under pressure, I was in prison and in the international wanted list, I personally know what it's like to be under pressure. But if you're right, you don't have any problems, you feel the strength to pass the challenge. I'm sorry that these people did not pass the challenge," he said

Oleg Kalashnikov, 52 years old (data of death 15.04.2015)

​Politician, was a member of the Party of regions. Deputy of the V convocation. During the revolution of dignity was one of the organizers and leading the anti-Maidan. At the time of death meaningful posts not occupied

The Prosecutor General’s office checked the information about the involvement of Kalashnikov to the organization of groups of "titushki" on the Euromaidan

April 15, 2015 at 19.20 p.m. Kalashnikov was found dead on the eighth floor of the house on the prospect Pravda in Kiev, where he lived. Presumably, the policy was shot when he stepped out of the elevator and headed to his apartment. The noise was heard by the politician's wife, who called the police. Kalashnikov's body had five gunshot wounds, one of which is in the head. According to preliminary data, were two shooters

Relatives of the deceased said that recently he had received threats for his political views.

Immediately after the incident, the police opened criminal proceedings under article "premeditated murder"

According to the adviser interior MIA Anton Gerashchenko, the main version of the murder for political reasons. "No doubt the deceased really knew a lot about how and who financed the Maidan, which cost Yanukovych and his camarilla several million hryvnia per day," said adviser to the Minister. Among other versions – business-dismantlings, personal relationships, and robbery.

The responsibility for this crime in an email to the political scientist Vladimir Fesenko took on a kind of "Ukrainian insurgent army". Actually, according to the SBU, there is no such organization. Intelligence agencies later found that the email was sent using the service one-time email addresses, which is hosting the German company. The SBU also stated that, as shown by linguistic expertise, a letter (in Ukrainian) was not a native speaker

Oles Buzina, 45 years old (data of death 16.04.2014)

A writer and journalist. The author of the books "Vampire Taras Shevchenko", "The secret history of Ukraine-Rus" and others In the 90s-2000s, was a TV presenter on the TV channels UT-1 and Inter. In different years cooperated with the Newspapers "2000" and "Today". Were Pro views. In 2012 was nominated for people's deputies from party "Russian block", but lost the election.

Buzina was shot about 13.20 p.m. 16 April 2015 near his home in Dehtiarivska street in Kiev. According to police, two assailants were in masks, killing the writer, they escaped in a car Ford Focus of blue color. According to the adviser interior MIA Anton Gerashchenko, the Latvian or Belarusian rooms.

As the adviser to the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko , the vehicle was Latvian or Belarusian rooms.

According to preliminary data, the Buzina received four gunshot wounds, the criminals got in the chest and head. The writer died on the spot. According to relatives, he went outside for a run.

The police immediately opened criminal proceedings under article "premeditated murder" and announced in the capital plan-interception "Siren".

The main version of the murder of an Buzina, the police considers his professional activity. Also processed version of hostile relations.

As in the case of Kalashnikov responsibility for the offence was taken by some "Ukrainian insurgent army". Of nothing was known. In the SBU doubt that it exists at all.

June 18, 2015 - A. Avakov announced the discovery of a murder and the arrest of three people accused of murder. All the detained activists of the extreme right wing. One of the suspects, Andrei Medvedko (known as "Manson"), was an active Maidan activist, and head of Pechersky regional organization of "Svoboda" in Kiev and was an activist and one of the founders of its most radical wing of the organization "C14", in late 2014 briefly served in the ATO zone in the battalion of the interior Ministry "Kiev-2". Another, Denis Polishchuk (with the call sign "Allah"), also a nationalist and a veteran of the war in the Donbas, was nominated for elections to the Verkhovna Rada in 2012 from the political party Ukrainian national Assembly.

9 December 2015, the Pechersky district court of Kiev released from-under guards under-house arrest Denis Polishchuk. 25 March 2016 the Pechersky district court of Kiev refused to extend house arrest for Denis Polishchuk, and also replaced a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest on personal recognizance for Andrew Medvedko

Yury Grabovsky (data of death 24.03.2016)

Russian defender of Alexander Alexandrov was found buried on the road near Zhashkiv.
The identity of the suspect in the murder are revealed and detained. Published Grabowski suicide video in which he's under pressure defending in the Ukrainian courts of the Russian citizens. Murder is clearly political.


Oleksandr Muzychko (Sasha Belyi) (data of death 24.03.2014)

Since 2013 he has been the coordinator "Right sector" in Western Ukraine. During the First Chechen war of 1994, Belyi commanded a detachment of the "Viking" of the UNA-UNSO, who allegedly fought in the units field commander Shamil Basayev, and was in the personal protection of Dudayev. It was then that Alexander Muzychko nicknamed "Belyi". After the death of Dudayev Sasha returned to Ukraine. Repeatedly been accused on criminal charges.

February 27, 2014 Belyi became known throughout the country, when he came to the Prosecutor of Rivne district Prosecutor's office with weapons, verbally humiliated him and hit him.

March 7, 2014 the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against Muzychko under part 1 of article 209 of the Russian Criminal code (creating a stable armed group (gang) in order to attack on Russian citizens and leadership of it). Muzychko suspected of killings and torture by Russian troops in January 1995 during the First Chechen war.

Was killed during the special operation of the MIA of Ukraine in the Rivne region.

Sergey Sukhobok (data of death 13.04.2015)

​One of the founders of the Internet-edition "Obkom", a journalist from Donetsk.

Was found in the neighborhood of Kyiv Rusanovsky Sady find the locals after midnight. Died during the provision of first medical aid.

Was killed by neighbors in the country house, the result of inflicting serious bodily injury. The killers were arrested two days later. Opened criminal case under article 121 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (deliberate heavy injury).

Stanislav Melnik (data of death 09.03.2015)

The former deputy of Party of region.
According to the investigation has committed suicide. Leaving a suicide note, shot himself with a hunting rifle. Body found in bathtub his wife.



Sergei Walter (25.02.2015)

The mayor of Melitopol, which over the last 2 years was a court decision dismissed from the duties of the city сhairman, in connection with the opening of several criminal cases: the mayor and several of his subordinates were accused of receiving money as bribes from heads of the enterprises engaged in passenger transportation in Melitopol.

Was found hanged in his home. Opened criminal proceedings under article 115. The criminal code of Ukraine (Premeditated murder).



Nikolay Sergienko (27.01.2015)

​The former first deputy director of "Ukrzaliznytsya".

The police classifies it as suicide, because the traces of the presence of unauthorized persons at the scene have not been revealed. Body Sergienko were found in a residence with a gunshot wound to the head. Ex-first deputy head of "Ukrzaliznytsya" shot himself with a hunting rifle.



Oleg Muzhchil (10.12.2015)

He was a commander of scouts of the 5th battalion DUK “Right sector”.After the events that took place in Mukachevo, at the Congress of the Right sector condemned the leadership of the party and left the movement.Was shot dead during a special operation of the SBU in Kiev.


Vladimir Zhivago (23.02.2016)

The mayor of Starobelsk, Luhansk region.

Was one of the founders of the Public movement "the Ukrainian choice" between the ideas of democracy and the transfer of the maximum number of powers of territorial communities. He was repeatedly intimidated and threatened him, demanding to break off relations with the "Ukrainian choice" and renounce of his conviction.

Was found with a severe gunshot wound. The doctors could not help him, and without regaining consciousness he died from his injuries before reaching the hospital. According to preliminary information, the watchman found him in the territory of the city Executive Committee lying on the ground. Later the police said that investigating the case as murder, and all the details of this incident will be announced later. While the police admit that Vladimir Zhivago could kill for political reasons, since at the opening of his were seized two bullets of calibre of nine millimetres

Yuri Dimenta (26.02.2015)

Businessman, owner of real estate in Kharkiv, a close friend of Gennady Kernes.

The murder occurred on the Jewish section of the cemetery on Academician Pavlov street, where he was ambushed where Diment came to visit his mother's grave. Kharkiv businessman was killed by machine-gun fire, and his body was found with 12 gunshot wounds, two more bullets were fired in the head. In another part of the cemetery, the police found the abandoned machine, equipped with a flame arrester. He had used up every round almost the entire horn and were found 20 shell casings. Kernes and Diment were friends from early years of life. Dement was the principal business attorney and partner of the Kharkov mayor. In the narrow circles of the victim was considered a crime boss and had a very specific reputation. It was just disassembling old or a new stage of the political game while trying to find out law enforcement bodies