Igor Koziy

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March 81 25 Ukraine must arm itself to preserve the territory
April 60 32 Why in the ATO zone shoot again
May 84 30 If there is a motive, Putin will introduce troops
June 39 35 What is happening now in Marianka and Krasnogorka is not offensive. This will happen constantly.
July 80 29 A decisive step against Russia without NATO membership — it's just incredible.
August 44 39 Ukraine fenced off Russia "European shaft"
September 10 96 New Military doctrine — planning an effective defence or a set of slogans?
October 30 66 After the elections, the Kremlin would reconsider its plans for Donbass
November 19 74 Ukraine does not have the resources to step in the Donbass
December 17 78 Why the arguments about the breakdown of the Minsk agreements make no sense