Igor Losev

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January 13 43 It seems that Poroshenko is agreed with Yanukovych people
February 33 46 We got something that should have been: Independence led to a cultural power of the oligarchs
March 23 49 We must break the clan-oligarchic model. Ukraine then jerk forward three years
April 31 28 Replace Muzhenko be someone who has a real combat experience. Not with Staff
May 26 49 What Crimean Ukrainians will forgive Kiev and what`s not
June 31 42 Poroshenko wants to revive the Yanukovych regime
July 20 52 The new governor of the Luhansk region will not change anything.
August 10 78 Russian landed in the Donbas trap?
September 0 0 0
October 13 85 Counterproductive petty guile
November 13 88 The main danger for the country - in our anti-elites
December 1 118 Ukraine in a war does not have three years to reform the Ministry of Defense