Irina Bekeshkina

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January 56 21 Critical year
February 61 35 At the round table "Ukraine-Russia: dialogue during the conflict"
March 69 29 Do prevent the tragedy back in Konstantinovka Donbass
April 132 21 Divided Victory Day: in a European or Soviet-style
May 82 33 The referendum on the Donbas: it's like asking
June 40 34 Poland's policy towards Ukraine will remain unchanged
July 107 23 Right Sector and radicalism in Ukraine
August 139 3 Legalization of weapons. The actual numbers of support
September 77 15 What will bring the Ukrainians on the third Maidan?
October 129 14 Local elections can go without exit polls
November 72 19 Independence won or lost?
December 59 28 More than 40% of Ukrainians volunteers donated money in the current year