Iskander Khisamov

Iskander Khisamov mention place Statements
January 50 24 Mobilization will affect all fields of life of Ukraine
February 74 31 Peace in the Donbas is losing to the Ukrainian elite
March 97 15 Kolomoisky in nature – "the Sicilian", it will go to the end
April 120 22 The opposition isn't in the country, the authorities act like "hooligans" as they want
May 90 29 The Verkhovna Rada has demonstrated its inadequacy
June 13 62 Demarche of Nalivaychenko is one of the signs of change of power
July 14 60 New Ukrainians
August 17 68 Without the war Ukraine will not keep the political regime
September 42 36 Ukraine is on the threshold of technological disasters
October 55 47 Without decentralization Ukraine will certainly fall apart
November 55 30 "Sovok"- it is Ukraine
December 46 44 Ukraine is all dead ends , which can only be