Quotation of analytical centers in the media: the results of 2018

In continuation of the work on the Rating of Public Persons and the Citation Rating of Political Experts, the Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management of policy prepared an overview of the presence of Ukrainian analytical and expert centers (“think – tanks”) in electronic media according to the results 2018.

The leader of the rating in 2018 was the Resuscitation Reform Package (1,254 mentions in the media).


The top ten also included: the Anti-Corruption Center (1214), the Kiev Center for Political Studies and Conflictology (1202), the Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management of policy (1131), the Democratic Initiatives Foundation named after Ilka Kucheriv (1043), the Center for them. A. Razumkova (1003), Penta Center for Applied Political Studies (992), Maidan of Foreign Affairs (898), Ukrainian Institute of the Future (878), Center for Transport Strategies (859).


The review shows the number of citations, references to the listed analytical centers available on the network video, audio recordings with their performances. Each figure was obtained by counting the results of a query to Google (with the restriction "per month", Internet browser Google Chrome). Results that displayed only the tag with the name of the center, but did not directly mention the institution, or cite it, were not considered.


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