Rating of media popularity of Ukrainian political experts in 2018

Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Management of Policy created the final analysis of 179 Ukrainian political scientists’ and political experts’ quotation in the Internet (including audio-and videoquotation) of 2018.


1. Quantitative review.


Rating of Ukrainian political experts’ media popularity by the results of 2018.


Quantitative review is prepared by the results of monitoring by more than 1.4 billion messages of news of the analytical system “Mediatheka”: news agencies’ publications, the Internet and printed Media, TV messages, radio and Facebook messages by simple calculation of quantity political experts’ mentions.

Quantitative review allows clearly and objectively follow informational trends. Moreover, it doesn’t include filters for informational spam.

The most quoted (quantitatively) Ukrainian experts in 2018 in mass media are - blogger Denis Kazansky (10367 mentions), director of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management Ruslan Bortnik (7296), deputy director of the Situations Modeling Agency Alexey Golubitsky (6007), head of the Penta Center for Applied Political Research (5373), head of the Center for Countering Corruption Vitaly Shabunin (5110), Head of the Third Sector Center Andrei Zolotaryov (4065), Head of Transparency International Ukraine Yaroslav Yurchishin (4030), Candidate of Political Sciences Alexey Yakubin (4001), Political Scientist, Political Consultant A Alexander Paliy (3520), Director of the Institute of Global Strategies Vadim Karasev (3458), political scientist, teacher of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Petrograd Oleschuk (3215), TV host, director of Berta Communications Taras Berezovets (2951), military expert Alexey Arestovich (2949), political scientist , sociologist, director of the sociological service Ukrainian Barometer Viktor Nebozhenko (2760), political analyst Dmitry Korniychuk (2716), political scientist, chairman of the Ukrainian Politics Foundation Kost Bondarenko (2528), expert Yuri Romanenko (2461), Ukrainian sociologist, director Foundation " Democratic Initiatives ”Irina Bekeshkina (2300), international political analyst Oleg Voloshin (2106), director of the Center for Eurasian Studies Vladimir Kornilov (2041), political expert Taras Chornovil (2020 Candidate of Political Sciences, Director of the Center for Public Relations Eugene Magda (1996), political analyst Nikolai Melnik (1994), political scientist, deputy director of the UIAMP Kirill Molchanov (1964), head of the Center for Political Studies and Analytics Eidos Viktor Taran (1909).

In compare to 2017 year the list of the best 25 experts is only 28% updated. At the top part of the list are included Taras Chornovil, Vladimir Kornilov, Dmitry Korniychuk, Oleg Voloshin, Denis Kazansky, Kirill Molchanov, Victor Taran.

Left the list Vladimir Volya, Evgeny Kiselev, Oleg Soskin, Vitaly Bala, Sergey Taran, Alexey Melnik.

In general, experts, political scientists and consultants were mentioned at least 166 thousand times by Mass Media in 2018. It emphasizes the importance of the review for understanding tools of public opinion formation. On the average, the review participants were mentioned at least 928 times per year in 2018.


Таблица Количественный обзор



Аналитический обзор


2. Analytical Review.

Not only exclusive political experts’ quotation are taken into account in the analytical review. At the same time mentions on personal websites, blogs, forums, advertising were not counted, because they are not marker of Mass Media interest of one or of the other expert and can be used by the participants of rating for subjective increase of the results. This is the main difference between quantitative and analytical review of digital indexes.

The most quoted political experts in Mass Media of 2018 year are - Alexey Yakubin (1127 unique references), Ruslan Bortnik (1088), Alexey Golobutsky (953), Denis Pogrebensky (942), Vladimir Fesenko (862), Vitaly Shabunin (786), Vadim Karasev (782), Oleg Voloshin (764), Kost Bondarenko (719), Dmitry Dzhangirov (696), Taras Chornovil (693), Nikolay Spiridonov (693), Alexey Arestovich (672), Vladimir Kornilov (652), Alexander Dudchak (649), Kirill Molchanov (637), Taras Berezovets (610), Viktor Nebozhenko (606), Yaroslav Yurchishin (605), Yevgeny Magda (601), Dmitry Korniychuk (594), Yuri Romanenko (590), Andrey Zolotarev (579), Alexander Paliy (564), Peter Oleschuk (557).

In compare to 2017 year the list of the best 25 experts is 20% updated. At the top part of the list are included Dmitry Dzhangirov, Alexander Dudchak, Kirill Molchanov, Dmitry Korniychuk, Peter Oleschuk.

Left the list Andrei Buzarov, Vitaly Bala, Vladimir Volya, Irina Bekeshkina, Mikhail Pavliv.

In general, we’ve counted nearly 44 thousand of experts’, political scientists’ unique mentions. Certainly, it became important tool of the formation of public opinion. On the average, participants of the review were mentioned at least 248 times per year in 2018.

The review doesn’t claim the absolute objectiveness and doesn’t provide any assessment of political scientists or political experts – each of them is a unique professional, and the results of their activity cannot be measured only by quotation in Mass Media.

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Таблица Аналитический обзор