The results of the most frequently mentioned politicians and public figures in the media in 2018

P. Poroshenko, V. Groysman, N. Savchenko, Y. Lutsenko and Y. Timoshenko were the most frequently mentioned politicians in the media in 2018.

The Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management created the final rating of the activity and presence in the media of leading Ukrainian politicians and public figures in 2018.

According to the analysis of messages throughout the year in the analytical system “Mediatheka” - publications of news agencies, Internet and print media, television and messages on Facebook - a list of 145 most mentioned political figures of Ukraine was formed.

1. Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, is the leader of the rating (890192 mentions per year, average mentions per month - 74178.50, movement by rating - 0). Key topics in connection with them P. Poroshenko is mentioned: vacation in the Maldives, Davos forum, holiday greetings, visit to the Vienna Ball, press conference, court testimony in the case of V. Yanukovych, police officer Sergei Galasyuk, guarding the estate of President Poroshenko, committed suicide at the post, announced the completion of the ATO regime in the Donbass, met with Jean Reno, ordered to conduct broadband Internet in every village, announced Ukraine’s intention to leave the CIS, condemnation of manifestations of anti-Semitism, speech on May 9, accusation of Putin in an attempt to conquer Ukraine for the revival of the USSR, assurance of residents of the Dnieper in the imminent construction of the airport, an interview with the German edition of Focus, evaluation of 4 years of rule, the opening of new schools, met with US President Donald Trump, spoke at the NATO summit, took part in the procession of the UOC-KP, the message to the Verkhovna Rada, the break of the Treaty of Friendship with Russia, preparation for obtaining autocephaly by Ukraine, a speech at the UN General Assembly, the incident in the Sea of Azov, the introduction of martial law in certain regions of Ukraine.

2. Volodymyr Groysman, Prime Minister of Ukraine (224168, 18680.67, 0). Interview to Georgian Forbes, the hryvnia rate, a statement about the growth of the average salary, spat upon the Maidan, comments on domestic policy issues, filed an e-declaration, “takes a hit” from the IMF in the matter of increasing gas tariffs, supported the breakdown of economic relations with Russia, monopolized personnel appointments at state enterprises, spoke about the external debts of Ukraine, said that he was not afraid of resignation, communication with children in parliament, working visits around the country, fighting corruption, statements about the threat of "Nord Stream-2" for Ukraine and Europe, plans to resolve the issue with “euroblyakhas” (non-customs cars with EU numbers), plans to increase the average salary, accusations of populism and public relations before the elections, presented the budget for 2019, announced the absence of presidential ambitions, the daughter of Groisman opened a business in London.

3. Nadezhda Savchenko, deputy (124641, 10386.75, +3). An exchange of prisoners in the Donbas, a criticism of the current government, a statement about the possibility of a “big war” in Ukraine, gave a briefing before interrogating the SBU, detained, went on a hunger strike, appealed to Vladimir Putin from the courtroom, promised to become a presidential candidate, interrupted and resumed the hunger strike, strongly I have lost weight, regard forced feeding as torture and humiliation, a plan to de-occupy Donbass, criticism of international organizations in the context of Babchenko's “murder”, a sharp condemnation of anti-Semitic statements, a story about modern methods of training police officers, the opening of new police stations, the publication of her second book, went through a polygraph twice, went on an indefinite hunger strike, asked to go to a Russian prison, carried out an operation, refused a deal with the investigation, the court extended her arrest, gathered for president.

4. Yuriy Lutsenko, Prosecutor General of Ukraine (115844, 9653.67, 0). The case of I. Nozdrovskaya, vacation in the Seychelles, wage growth, comment on the expulsion of M. Saakashvili, a statement about national teams, submitted to the Rada petitions for criminal prosecution, detention and arrest of Savchenko, showed his declaration: the salary is over a million hryvnia, Lutsenko's photo appeared in the network in Amsterdam, Lutsenko was sued because of scandalous advertising, a story about a successful fight against corruption, a working trip to the USA, approving remarks about the "murder" of Babchenko (pleased with the special operation), a reduction in his own wages one and a half times, took part in the raid on the FIFA page, revealed the customers of the attack with Yekaterina Gandzyuk with acid, information about his villa in the Seychelles appeared, announced his resignation.

5. Yulia Tymoshenko, deputy (111135, 9261.25, +7). The death of the former son-in-law of Y. Timoshenko Sean Carr, leadership in the ratings of electoral sympathies, leadership in the presidential rating, comments on domestic policy issues, published a declaration, ignored the question of money for her american lobbyists, asserting the leadership positions of Yulia Tymoshenko in the presidential rating, Facebook blocked her personal page Tymoshenko, has created an organization to protect the people of Kiev, said Poroshenko wants to impose martial law to cancel the elections, leads the presidential rating, met Subscribe to the adviser to the President of the United States, John Bolton, presented the New Economic Course, the scandalous anti-advertising Tymoshenko.

6. Arsen Avakov, Minister of the Interior (96559, 8046.58, -1). The murder of I. Nozdrovskaya, National squads and their criticism, rumors about the presence of a villa in Italy, his wife’s huge earnings, the removal of court guard, became the second most influential figure in the country, picketing Avakov’s house, presented a plan for the return of Donbass, Russia opened a case against Avakov, He promised to fight anti-Semitism, suggested restricting the departure of participants from Ukraine to neo-Nazi groups, did not stand up when Poroshenko appeared in the Verkhovna Rada, supported V. Omelyan.

7. Andriy Paruby, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada (86251, 7187.58, 0). Evidences in the case of Yanukovych, the law on the reintegration of Donbass, comments on the bills on anti-corruption court, the law on de-occupation of Donbass, the opening of the eighth session of parliament, explained where he got a new apartment in Lviv, called Putin “an international criminal“, forgot to inform the public about the donated apartment, managed to accurately calculate the date of the next invasion of Russia, signed a decree on a single church in Ukraine, the court ordered Parubiy to undergo a psychological examination (in the context of statements about Viktor Medvedchuk), working visit to Israel, dissatisfaction with the delay in adopting the law on the Anti-Corruption Court, accusing Putin of the Malaysian “Boying“ disaster in 2014, calling on Israel and Georgia to support the Ukrainian autocephaly, called for a boycott of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, signed the law that allowed the creation of an anti-corruption court, called Hitler the founder of direct democracy, supported the lifting of immunity from opposition MPs, invited Patriarch Bartholomew to Ukraine, went abroad without signing the law on the introduction of martial law.

8. Pavel Klimkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs (81450, 6787.50, +5). The boycott of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Ukraine, refutation of Poland’s statements about the influx of Ukrainian refugees, lawsuits against foreign companies doing business in the Crimea, Statement on peacekeepers in the Donbass, comments on Ukraine’s foreign policy, proposed Poland to ban Yusef Pilsudski and Army Craiova, offered to discuss the transition Of Ukraine in Latin, an official visit to Turkey, expressed condolences in connection with the fire in Kemerovo, reacted positively to the Trump’s missile threats to Russia, visited Egypt, conflict with the issuance of Hungarian passports in Transcarpathia, fell asleep during a speech Poroshenko at the UN General Assembly, called the return of the Crimea and Donbass key goal of martial law in Ukraine.

9. Mikhail Saakashvili, ex-head of the Odessa Regional State Administration (65899, 5491.58, -6). The verdict in Georgia, the trial in Ukraine, detention and expulsion from Ukraine, went on loud communication on the Maidan, intends to return the presidency of Georgia, found a new job, was finally denied refugee status, welcomed the change of power in Armenia, an attempt to achieve personal sanctions against Poroshenko by the EU, the rejection of a public breakthrough across the border, recording a video message to the people of Georgia, a statement of intention to return to Ukraine, a press conference in The Hague, called the reason for the defeat in the war with Russia in 2008.

10. Vita Klitschko, Mayor of Kiev (62906, 5242,17, -1). Snow removal, a trip around Kiev on a new tram, statements about the development of Kiev, is going to become president, congratulated women on March 8 with a bunch of hyacinths and lilacs, declared millions of fortunes, luxury real estate and 9 bicycles, a statement that Ukraine is managed by external financial organizations, discussion of Tymoshenko’s wardrobe items in the media, his own recipe for cheesecakes, Poroshenko’s congratulations on the Day of the pastry chef, reaction to Babchenko’s “murder”, criticism of the state’s public health policy, will return to the ring to and the battle with Lennox Lewis, will qualify for the post of mayor of Kiev, a grand flood took place in Kiev, an increase in public transport fares, refused to go to the presidency, Klitschko brothers hit the Guinness Book of Records, He called the opening of KFC in the building of the House of Trade Unions a mistake.

11. Uliana Suprun, Acting Minister of Health (57765, 4813.75, +18). The measles outbreak and vaccination issues, obscenely cursed by Moskal, refusal to embalm the body of N. Pirogov, Suprun’s electronic declaration, February wages amounted to 35.7 thousand hryvnias, launched the medical reform, regular “discarding myths” about common diseases, approval of activities from Volodymyr Groysman, advice on improving health at the household level, working visits to Lutsk, Lviv, Rovno and Kropyvnytskyi, stories about medical reform and about its successful implementation, called for abandoning meat.

12. Oleg Lyashko, deputy (56408, 4700.67, -1). O. Lyashko’s purchase of a land plot, curiosities and reservations during public speaking policy, visits to the regions, comments on internal development of Ukraine, walks with a Gucci handbag for UAH 66,350, takes votes from Tymoshenko in ratings, demanded Suprun’s dismissal, declared more income than Poroshenko and Groisman, which is ready to go against the will of the EU and the United States, accusing TNCs of wanting to host on Ukrainian soil, accusing the president and the government of a failed policy, demanding the authorities not to raise the price of gas, demanding to dismiss Kobolev from the post of head of Naftogaz, reconciliation with Yulia Tymoshenko, a meeting with metallurgists in Mariupol, a wedding, rolled into the subway, large purchases of land by his mother.

13. Alexander Turchinov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (55386, 4615.50, -5). The law on the reintegration of Donbass, a statement about the need to control cryptocurrency, testing a cruise missile, speaking in court over V. Yanukovych, belligerent statements against Russia, published a declaration for 2017, Turchinov family have new luxury homes near Kiev, he would like to defeat the Putin army in the Crimea but prevented Avakov, threats to online media owners who broadcast the Victory Parade in the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People's Republic”, a statement about the aggravation of the situation in the environmental zone, forecasting a large-scale Russian offensive in July, visiting the war zone with a working visit, receiving an order from Poroshenko, reading a Trinity sermon, proposed criminalization of trade with the Russian Federation, showed Ukrainian missiles, suggested martial law for 60 days, announced the active training of the military units of the Russian Federation on the borders with Ukraine.

14. Vladimir Omelyan, Minister of Infrastructure (53121, 4426.75, +1). He announced the creation of Hyperloop in Ukraine, a statement about the Ukrainian Kuban, spoke about negotiations with Ryanair, three apartments in Kiev and 1.2 million hryvnias: the Minister Omelyan reported on income, spoke about ambitious plans to build airports, became a dad for the third time, told about construction of the airport in Dnipro, a statement that labor migrants are returning to Ukraine, a travel on a reserved seat from Kiev to Mariupol, a call to burn Moscow after the news of Babchenko’s “murder”, a story about how much money he earn per month, statement about the upcoming inspection of all stations, dubbing Ukraine's losses from the construction of the Crimean bridge, a statement on the introduction of Hyperloop technology in the Dnieper, called the launch date of Hyperloop, the charge of illegal enrichment.

15. Yuriy Boyko, deputy (39346, 3278.83, +9). The law on the reintegration of Donbass, religious contradictions in society, comments on domestic policy issues, Lutsenko does not rule out bringing Boyko to criminal responsibility, will not allow the authorities to make Ukraine a colony, the wife of People’s Deputy Yuriy Boyko received a million from an LLC registered in Moscow, statement about the need for direct negotiations between Kiev, Donetsk and Moscow, a statement about the need for judicial reform, a statement about turning Ukraine into a "painful point" of Europe, saying about the need to punish all those responsible for the events in Odessa on May 2, 2014, speaking at the celebration of May 9, saying about the need to protect Ukrainian citizens working in Russia, visited the Procession of the UOC-MP, demanded Parubiy’s resignation, Boyko’s rating growth, the Opposition Platform nominated Yury Boyko as the sole presidential candidate.

16. Igor Kolomoisky, entrepreneur (38937, 3244.75, +2). Privatbank charges of fraud, ongoing conflict over Privatbank, strongly against Poroshenko, National Bank lost the company Kolomoisky court for assets “Bukovel”, called the findings of the NBU in relation to “Privatbank” on the basis of the audit Kroll unreliable, is suing the Ministry of Finance over the “honor and dignity”, hopes to consider the case of Privatbank in London after the resignation of Petro Poroshenko, Poroshenko's all-round criticism, a great interview with DW, critic of Vladimir Putin, a statement in support of the “Vidrodzhennya” party, his fortune was estimated at $ 1.6 billion, Dneprazot stopped production, refused part of his claims at a court in London, lost the court to Privatbank and the NBU; said that the default does not hurt Ukraine, promised to retire if Poroshenko wins the election.

17. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, former Prime Minister of Ukraine (38202, 3183.50, -7). The sale of a stake in the Espresso TV channel, the law on the reintegration of Donbass, belligerent statements against Russia, comments on peacekeepers in the Donbas, in Warsaw criticized Nord Stream-2, he said he had saved Ukraine from default, proposed to create a Ukrainian-Polish coalition , criticism of Macron’s visit to Russia, addressed the country on May 9, elections in uncontrolled parts of Donbass are impossible, a statement about the absence of claims to Tymoshenko, the police opened a case to discredit Yatsenyuk.

18. Gennadiy Zubko, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services (35351, 2945.92, -1). Snowfalls and natural disasters, the results of the ministry's work for 2017, corruption charges, comments on decentralization and local government, declared half a million hryvnia of income and a collection of paintings, dealt with the solution of the chlorine problem in Ukraine, reported on the development of the energy efficiency program, announced the prohibition of disconnecting the city from heating in winter.

19. Victor Medvedchuk, head of the all-Ukrainian organization Ukrainian Choice (34057, 2838.08, +11). The prisoner exchange, the possible introduction of personal US sanctions against V. Medvedchuk, does not exclude his arrest, made a good profit of exchanging prisoners, joined the “For Life” Party, was repeatedly mentioned in the context of past prisoner exchanges, and announced a plan for economic recovery.

20. Stepan Poltorak, Minister of Defense (31627, 2635.58, +3). Comments about the Crimean events of 2014 and the supply of weapons from the United States, dismissed several officers for embezzlement, awarded the fighters of the Special Operations Forces, named the reasons for the failure of the prisoner exchange.

21. Vladimir Zelensky, showman (31555, 2629.58, for the first time in the rating). A constant comparison in the media with Vakarchuk, Zelensky’s jokes about his inauguration and Poroshenko’s defeat during the Vecherny Quarter TV show, received 14 slaps from Nadi Dorofeyeva, announced the continuation of the “Servant of the People”, said he would not and never intended to participate in the presidential elections, in the image of the president congratulated Ukraine on Independence Day, an increase in Zelensky’s rating.

22. Vadim Rabinovich, deputy (29395, 2449.58, +22). He invited Viktor Medvedchuk to his political party “For Life”, hid a deposit in an Israeli bank from NAZK, lost the court to Sergey Levochkin, reported about the re-arrest of Levochkin’s real estate on the Cote d’Azur, sued Paruby, promised to sever relations with the IMF, suggested the Opposition bloc unite, Rabinovich ratings are growing, refused to participate in elections.

23. Andrei Reva, Minister of Social Policy (28783, 2398.58, -2). Pension policy and increase of military pensions; He said that it was beneficial to be a single mother in Ukraine, he commented on the procedure for obtaining a subsidy, he explained the reduction of subsidies, refused to subsidize the families of migrant workers.

24. Igor Lutsenko, deputy (28366, 2363.83, +3). Statement of V. Groisman about the need to deprive of immunity of V. Parasyuk, the riots at the UOC Desyatinny Monastery (MP), Comments on the detention and extradition of M. Saakashvili, said that M. Saakashvili was taken out of Ukraine in a private plane, told about the new nest of corruption, made harsh comments about gypsies.

25. Mustafa Nayem, deputy (27253, 2271.08, +7). I.Nozdrovskaya’s murder, criticism of the Donbass reintegration law, scandal over his beating, request for state protection, accusing Russia of state terrorism in the context of Babchenko’s “murder”, sold his jaw for $ 100,000, estimated his face at 3.2 million hryvnia.

For the year, the TOP-25 rating has been updated by 24%. Rating left: Valeria Gontareva, Anatoly Matias, Sergey Leschenko, Anton Gerashchenko, Alexander Danilyuk, Semen Semenchenko. In the rating included: Uliana Suprun, Vitokr Medvedchuk, Vladimir Zelensky, Vadim Rabinovich, Igor Lutsenko, Mustafa Nayem.




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