Katerina Odarchenko

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February 15 55 Negotiations about the peace: scenario for Ukraine is negative
March 8 63 War for an influence of the oligarchs came to a head. What will happen to Kolomoisky?
April 4 70 The crisis in Ukraine is not for MPs
May 5 85 "Stop quitter" program in the parliament will not be effective
June 10 66 The majority of voters in Ukraine are ready to sell his vote in the election, using the methods of direct or veiled bribery.
July 20 98 Intentions "Right Sector" is dangerous for Ukrainian statehood.
August 4 88 Combining the MFP with the "Popular Front" or who sits in a chair Yatsenyuk
September 10 99 The elections in the Donbass. What threatens Ukraine Morel plan?
October 23 71 We are seeing a role play between Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk team
November 40 45 Detention Korban was expected
December 20 72 Kolomoisky creates a right opposition