Konstantin Matvienko

Konstantin Matvienko mention place  
January 55 23 2015 will be very difficult for Ukraine
February 46 41 Poroshenko ended the governors
March 23 50 The ban on Russian language will solve all the problems of the country
April 36 37 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_1JcJeZ7xw
May 33 45 In Parliament sit huckster, for whom the security of their own business is more important than the security of the country, experts and politicians about the prospects of struggle against "button voting" in VR
June 28 43 The prospect of Russia as a country, exchanged at the prospect of a specific political leader
July 23 49 "The Right sector" has no chance of winning the referendum.
August 24 55 Ukraine may refuse to pay the "debts Yanukovych"
September 18 63 Why to "Batkivchina" it is important to stay in the coalition?
October 15 80 Samopomich led to the elections the creator of "Polish Zhirinovsky"
November 9 96 Where did went Yarosh?
December 12 87 The main task of the government - cooperation with the IMF