Mikhail Basarab

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January 19 41 Political analyst told why Putin "drowned" the French President
February 15 54 EU will stand against Putin or disintegrate
March 30 44 Politics, on which the country laughs: "Banned" ministers and Zhabko Shkiryak
April 1 73 Ukraine will receive its FBI
May 17 57 The further fate of the project "New Russia"
June 17 51 Previous vizantiyschina will not go away - a vivid example of resignation Nalyvaychenko
July 23 50 Ukraine is advantageous Europe as a buffer zone between the EU and Russia.
August 17 65 Case Yanukovych will slip further and
September 25 52 Sooner or later, Europe recognizes the Putin political Hitler
October 39 57 Korban detention comes amid a reincarnation of the former Regions
November 31 54 In the future, the West will be more concerned about their own problems
December 32 57 New threat for Ukraine