Mikhail Pogrebinsky

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February 265 5 Year after euromaidan, and people say, "nothing has changed"
March 281 1 There is a very strong likelihood that the war in the Donbass ended and will not be renewed
April 284 5 Ukraine will not be able to win the war for Donbass
May 256 3 Poroshenko dealt a blow to the peaceful methods of conflict resolution
June 96 10 The US wants to persuade the militia to surrender, or to provoke Putin to send troops
July 146 10 Ukrainian apple of discord: Europe is torn between the desire to punish Russia and end the war.
August 129 6 Such dependence of Ukraine on external forces was never
September 96 5 Poroshenko worse Yanukovych
October 135 11 What you need to know about the results of elections in Ukraine
November 126 8 The special status of Donbass - a big problem for Poroshenko
December 90 15 Poroshenko lied to deputies and their people