Oleg Medvedev

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February 107 24 Scenario of martial law is designed, but the chance of surviving a truce persists
March 23 51 Putin with appetite eats brotherly people
April 27 46 Why to Putin needs the war in Donbass
May 103 26 Criticized "95 quarter" for the thumbnail of Poroshenko and Kolomoisky
June 34 39 Under the new Constitution the President will have much less power
July 19 54 "Right sector" wants to turn Ukraine into Afghanistan of the 90's.
August 14 71 Poroshenko has proposed to name one of the streets in Kiev by the name of Bandera
September 5 108 Poroshenko does not have the authority of Yanukovych
October 62 39 Poroshenko strongly reacted to the statement by the commander of "Right sector"
November 25 60 So the exit we have one- to dig the earth around the world, to find new markets, and first we have to do it at the expense of a free trade zone with the EU
December 107 5 Poroshenko called Khazanov fool