Oleg Soskin

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January 92 18 To capture Ukraine Yanukovych Putin is no longer needed
February 173 11 Poroshenko is responsible for the collapse of the hryvnia
March 96 17 Ukraine - a bomb that will tear Russia
April 193 14 Putin - is a synthesis of Stalin and Hitler
May 161 15 Ukraine on the verge of ruins
June 57 19 In Ukraine, there is the counter-revolution
July 114 20 The war against Russia will last at least 10 years. The winner will be only one
August 70 24 Ukraine is building a wall from the Baltic to the Black Sea
September 26 48 Ukraine is on the verge of enormous changes
October 44 53 Ukraine - Putin's next target after the war in Syria
November 23 64 The bloodshed in Paris - not terrorism, but a war of civilization
December 53 37 Russia is very favorable state of war, and it will fight