Oles Dony

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January 100 15 Ukraine is ready to recognize the secret of Putin and Poroshenko arrangements by which the Donbas create an analogue of Transnistria
February 119 21 Society thinks that MPs become more responsible after the lifting of immunity. It is an illusion
March 143 9 Party of Regions brought up a generation of people who do not respect the Ukrainian language, culture, and Ukraine as a state
April 181 16 During privatization in the current Yatsenyuk format may be in prison
May 212 8 The biggest news was the fact that during a meeting with Firtash Poroshenko and Klitschko attended Liovochkin
June 51 22 Appointment of Saakashvili - a strong move Poroshenko. Thus he took the part of the positive rating of the ex-President of Georgia
July 144 11 State demonstrates deukrainization.
August 46 36 Saakashvili may head the list of "BLOW-Solidarity" in the local elections in Odessa
September 32 42 Putin and Poroshenko agreed to destroy the Ukrainian patriots
October 37 58 Pro-Russian sentiment remained significant element of the internal Ukrainian politics
November 42 43 We have people go to the boards, to steal
December 64 26 Ether: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KARVtpl_Ec