1. UIP (before re-branding in 2019, it was called UIAMP) is one of Ukraine’s most influential think-tanks. UIP experts regularly participate in political talk-shows and publish their articles in Ukrainian and international media.

  2. We have accomplished hundreds of analytical research projects, conferences, and other events, including international ones. We have prepared over 450 bills and statutory regulations. We have published over 7,500 pieces of research, articles, commentaries (including those in English, German, Arabic, Japanese, and other languages).

  3. We consult authorities, political parties, members of parliament, secretariats of parliamentary factions, diplomatic corps, leading international organizations, media, and business.


Ukrainian Institute of Politics was created in December 2012 to perform independent systematic and complex research in the fields of politics, sociology, technologies, economics, culture, etc.

Today’s UIP is an independent think-tank that includes Ukrainian and international political scientists, political strategists, political consultants, experts, specialists in the fields of science, economics, and culture. UIP professional team includes 26 experts, including 4 Doctors of Science (DSc) and 5 Ph.D. scientists.

Savinov Victor

Yakushik Valentin

Pilyaev Igor

Tolstov Sergey

Peshko Anatoly

Lozovitsky Alexander

Bortnik Ruslan

Dzividzinsky Vladislav

Kirill Molchanov

Spiridonov Nikolay

Nikonchuk Andrey

Teplyuk Alexander

Valentin Gaidai

Nuzhdin Sergei

Bronitskaya Elena

Nazar Kritskalyuk

Rakitin Alexander

Sergey Borisovich

Pechenkin Igor

Bogatyrev Daniil

Gaevsky Denis

Bizyaev Ruslan

Dmitry Zaborin

Eva Antonenko

Krasovskaya Oksana

Andrii Timchenko

We also pay special attention to the research of the influence on the government and public opinion in Ukraine, economic and social issues, development of practical recommendations for authorities, political players, and the media.

We are open to partnership with Ukrainian and international parties. We are ready to perform various kinds of complex research in the fields of

  • Politics

  • Sociology

  • Economics



Bortnik Ruslan

+38 093 757 75 65