Pavel Nuss

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January 75 19 By the summer of the world will come to Ukraine, and food riots and the revolution will begin in Russia
February 111 23 The collapse of Russia will begin with de-occupation of the Crimea
March 77 27 Putin's problem - his death wants everything, not only Ukrainians
April 83 28 Ukrainian army transformed into one of the elite and the most powerful armies in the world
May 81 34 Yatsenyuk indirectly accused Tymoshenko and her partner of Moscow
June 73 13 In the case of global war, Russia lost in the first days of fighting, and will cease to exist
July 82 28 Why Putin has invited Ukraine to "barter"?
August 63 27 Poland may become a party, "Norman format" talks on the Donbas
September 72 16 Putin prepared nasty "mnogohodovochku"
October 115 20 Russia really is on the brink of total economic collapse
November 51 33 Devil's Advocate Lukas is in danger
December 67 24 Why The Kremlin released "in people" Yanukovych?