Печенкін Ігор Віталійович

Law Analyst at Ukrainian Policy Institute.

Lawyer, Senior Partner of the Lawyer Association «Vi - Vates» http://vivates.com.ua/ Kiev City Council of Lawyers

Head NGO Human Rights Organization SPILNA META http://commongoal.org.ua/

Graduate student of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. Co-founder and special correspondent of the All-Ukrainian public law newspaper "Advice of the lawyer" https://porady.org.ua/no-2-115-2020A jurist with 23 years of practical experience in the field of law, a public figure in the area of ​​dialogue between the authorities and civil society, a government official.

Education: KNU - 1997; NAPA under the President of Ukraine - 2006, in the final stage scientific research for the Ph.D.

Areas of research and their implementation:

- Activities and reform of criminal justice and law enforcement agencies;

- Resuscitation of activities of public initiatives in establishing interaction with authorities;

- Anti-corruption activities of special subjects and public activists, ways of realizing the opportunities of everyone.

- Digitalization of public administration, simplification of the use of mechanisms of government services, control of the public over the formation and implementation of decisions by the authorities.

The results of the research are published in scientific and scientific-practical accredited publications (about 54th), in blogs of public editions, abstracts of speeches at conferences, methodical recommendations, normatively approved and officially published publications.

  The field of searches and public initiatives is criminology, counteraction to corruption, national security, civil society development, organization and activity of public organizations.

     Experience of administering and solving legal problems in conducting election campaigns, drafting bills while working in the secretariat of the committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, advising the People's Deputies of Ukraine, preparing expert opinions, introducing draft public initiatives.



proky@ukr.net; 067-8850-86-36

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28.03.2018 - 15