Peter Oleshuk

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January 36 30 The nearest prospects of Ukraine's membership in NATO is not
February 103 27 Moscow is preparing for a big war
March 62 31 The third Maidan in Ukraine is impossible
April 70 30 The beginning of the end. Will there be Yatsenyuk's resignation
May 54 39 Tired of photos of empty beaches of the Crimea
June 44 27 If Ukraine doesn't return Crimea now, Russia will destroy the peninsula
July 78 31 Why Moscow frightens the war?
August 71 21 Why do useless to negotiate with the militants about the world ?
September 60 19 How Moscow uses the Minsk agreement ?
October 104 22 Who will play the separatist card after the elections
November 47 38 The Ukrainians missed their chance?
December 44 46 Trolling from Yanukovych