Plus for Tymoshenko: the Case of Manafort will play havoc with Bank elections

On the eve of the Ukrainian elections the case of Manafort could not hurt those whose names are heard in the proceedings. It spoils the government’s attitude to the White house, without whose support to win the election problematic.

Plus for Tymoshenko – minus for Bank

Cases of alleged financial crimes of ex-head of election campaign of Donald trump Paul Manafort may affect Ukrainian politics. Political analyst Alexei Yakubina told the media: “From the last of the documents, a picture emerges that Manafort could be involved and the incumbent President, Petro Poroshenko, in 2014, surrounded by Poroshenko whether requested, or not requested advice or tips on the part of Manafort. That is, in fact, can be output on the incumbent President.”

Recall that in the Federal district court of Alexandria (Virginia, USA) July 31, began the trial in the case of Manafort. This case is one of the most painful for the administration to trump. Because in 2016, the unveiling of the Ukraine part of the “black accounting” of the Party of regions, associated with head of the election campaign trump Paul Manafort, made the presidential candidate of the United States in the midst of a campaign to find a replacement assistant.

Then experts believed that the Ukrainian government started to play along with the rival trump in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton. Trump still won. But now Ukraine has become a key element of the charges against Paul Manafort. After all before to head election headquarters of Donald trump, a political strategist worked on Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of regions.

In the work itself nothing criminal, officially working in Ukraine Manafort managed to declare 14 million dollars. But the prosecution alleges that he spent in the United States, tens of millions of dollars with which to pay the taxes. According to spectacular Robert Mueller, a political strategist in Ukraine earned 60 million dollars, some of which are concealed from the tax authorities transferred offshore.

Accusations of Manafort been made in the investigation of spectracolor Muller on the possible Russia’s intervention in the American elections in 2016.

Yakubina notes that the process started with the goal to enter the “Russian dossier” trump, unfortunately, no success – trial is around the activities of Manafort in Ukraine. “We heard information about Rinat Akhmetov, and, of course, about Viktor Yanukovych and a number of other Ukrainian politicians, – stated the analyst.

His colleague Andrew Miseluk believes that against the backdrop of the trial of Manufactum the rhetoric of the President of the United States trump regarding Ukraine may change. “The events surrounding Paul Manafort Donald trump can attract the “Ukrainian card”, totally changing the topic. They say that we helped Hillary Clinton, and Russia did not intervene in elections”, – he said on television.

Miseluk gave an example of how two years ago, Donald trump and his entourage put the responsibility on Ukraine. “When the question arose of cyberwealth Russia in the election, trump denied it. Moreover, he accused Ukraine, and unraveled the situation. If the topic reaches a certain degree of glow – President of the United States will once again lead the same rhetoric,” he said.

Thus, it is possible that hearing about “black accounting” of the Party of regions will boomerang on the Ukrainian authorities. So, it’s Manafort can go to the campaign the main rival of the incumbent President – Yulia Tymoshenko. According to Yakubina, information that Manafort coordinated information programs against Yulia Tymoshenko, already in use by the staff of the leader of “Batkivshchyna”. “They made emphasis on the fact that the image of Tymoshenko in the West deliberately spoil, and was engaged in Manafort” – quote Yakubina media.

Klitschko did not cooperate, but…

After the change of power Manafort talks with the Ukrainian politicians, in particular, Vitaliy Klitschko, who as you know was elected simultaneously with the President, and supported him.

Klitschko did not deny that in 2014, proposals from the Manafort was, but cooperation, they say, failed. “Suggestions related to communications with the media, what ways we need to do. Nothing new Manafort not offered, and our cooperation ended before it even started,” – said Klitschko.

However, the BBC writes: “according to the documents, Manafort able to advise Vitali Klitschko and during his mayoral election campaign and in the post of the mayor.” So to state that “three months after the shootings on the Maidan of Independence by Paul Manafort sent his assistant Konstantin Kilimnik multipage presentation and the restructuring plan of Kyiv city administration. It was intended for presentation to the mayor with the initials VK”.

It should be noted that an important document in the case were emails of Manafort. They were restored by the office of spectracolor Muller from e-mail Paul Manafort, their authenticity is not proven and requires further examination.

In the correspondence Manafort used the initials. As explained by the BBC: BVK is Boris Viktorovich Kolesnikov (a close ally of Rinat Akhmetov), IA – Irina Akimova (in 2010 – first Deputy head of the presidential Administration), SL – Sergei Levochkin (the head of the Prime Minister Yanukovych in 2010-2014 – head of the presidential Administration). IS – Igor Shuvalov (Russian political strategist, who advised Serhiy Lyovochkin, 2010-2014), YL – Yury Levenets (the political strategist, died in 2013)

“In October 2014, Manafort sent letters to the recipients of SL and RA, in which he described the “road map” of the Opposition bloc and the plan of rebranding,” writes the BBC.

Earlier it was reported that one of the leaders of the opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko is now preparing for presidential elections several teams of political strategists. Professionals allegedly picked up Sergey Levochkin.

Theoretically, a mention in the scandal could prevent the opposition bloc, but it is not. The political scientist Ruslan Bortnik says that about his presidential ambitions, said more than 15 Ukrainian politicians, but really became involved in the campaign, only two – Petro Poroshenko and Yulia Tymoshenko.

“If Julia is more plays with meanings, then the President is intensively deploying administrative hierarchy, and electoral horizontally. This time, it seems that the basis for the election headquarters of Poroshenko in the elections of 2019, the year will not the government (as previously planned), and the presidential Administration,” – he wrote in Facebook.

On the eve of elections the case of Manafort can play a cruel joke with those whose names are heard in the proceedings. It spoils the government’s attitude to the White house, without whose support to win the election problematic.

Alexei Yakubina told the media: “the Case of Manafort constantly reminds Trump that part of the Ukrainian political elite were involved in the campaign against him, including possibly the current President…”.

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08.08.2018 - 13