The main intrigue of the election in Ukraine is the question of who of the candidates will put the West.

Comments about this ГолосUA, said political scientist, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik.

“Now political headquarters people go on holiday. Because the dull season is the first two weeks of August. But, in principle, we see that some intrigue today solved. The struggle for an information agenda. The government is trying to impose on the humanitarian agenda: Tomos, language, history, reform, and something virtual. The opposition is fighting around the world, fighting corruption, improving quality of life. The second issue is that there is a struggle for external support,” – said the analyst.

According to Mr. Bortnik, the main intrigue of the year – who will supply the West.

“And the third is the unions. We see that the leader of “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko around him trying to form a Union candidates: S. Taruta, V. Nalyvaychenko, R. the Immortal, there are other options. And Poroshenko is trying to become the candidate of the government, although it’s not so simple. And there are still many groups within the government, and we see the candidates Poroshenko, and, for example, Vladimir Groisman, who has the support of the popular front, which it is not Poroshenko. In the “opposition bloc” has its own fierce struggle for a single candidate and it is not known how it will end. Because the “Opposition bloc” if there is a single candidate, the likelihood is high that this party will not in the elections, and there will be several political projects. Now every candidate is trying to pump up the ratings, then more expensively to sell,” he said.

We will remind, people’s deputies of BP went on vacation until 4 September 2018.

Earlier, political analyst Alexei Yakubina reported that by the end of June 2018, it is already possible to call the generated master list of potential competitors of P. Poroshenko in the presidential elections in Ukraine.

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01.08.2018 - 18