Rating of Ukrainian political experts due the mass-media citation (September 2015)

The Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management of Policy has prepared the September issue of the Rating of Ukrainian political experts due the mass-media citation in the electronic media.

Gradually, we will improve the rating. In the September issue have published not only digital performance rating, small annotation to every political scientist and his most quoted statement a month, but the analysis of the language of publication also. At the same time, with regards to language citation if the publication published in several languages, the ranking includes only one reference and language publication in which Google delivers the first (higher – often in Russian).

The lieder of September rankings became Vladimir Fesenko, head of the Center for Applied Political Studies “Penta”, which the media have quoted 156 times. Second place went to Vadim Karasev (114), the third – Andrei Piontkovsky (108), the fourth – Vitaly Shabunin (100), fifth – Mikhail Pogrebinsky (96). The top ten also included – Kost Bondarenko (93), Andrei Zolotarev (92), Alexander Paly (88), Ruslan Bortnik and Victor Nebozhenko (on 85). Leaders of exclusive references in the Ukrainian-speaking segment of the Internet have become smooth and Valentin Taras Zagorodny (16 mentions).


At present, the rating reflects the number of citations, references to the views of these political scientists and their statements available to the network video and audio recordings. Each figure was obtained by calculating the results of the query to Google (with limitation “in the past month,” Internet Browser Google Chrome). A results, which displays only the tag with the name of the political scientist or expert, but had no direct mention of the political scientist, or a citation, were not taken into account.

Rating does not claim to ultimate truth, or making political scientists or political assessment of the experts – each of them is unique professional, the results of which can not be measured only citation index.

We are grateful for suggestions and comments by e-mail – uiamp2012@gmail.com

Volodymyr Fesenko 156 Head of the Centre of Applied Political Researches "Penta" Укр. яз. - 1 Рус. яз.-155 Другие яз. - 0 Bloody feature. Three scenarios for Ukraine
Vadim Karasev 114 Director of the Institute of Global Strategies 3 111 0 On elections in Kharkiv could take place the "Clash of the Titans"
Andrei Piontkovsky 108 Russian journalist, politician 0 108 0 Poroshenko is now blocking the plan Putin of Lugandonii indentation in the Ukraine
Vitaly Shabunin 100 Head of the Centre for counteraction to corruption 5 95 0 Poroshenko is holding Shokin, because only he can assign it the desired anti-corruption prosecutor
Mikhail Pogrebinsky 96 Director of the Kiev Center of Political and Conflict 0 96 0 Poroshenko is worse than Yanukovych
Kost Bondarenko 93 Political scientist, historian. Chairman of the Institute of Ukrainian politics and the "Ukrainian politics" Fund 11 82 0 Real Kremlin`s agents in Ukrainian politics
Andrew Zolotarev 92 Director of the Centre "Third Sector 0 92 0 Lyashko left Liovochkin`s political orbit
Alexander Palii 88 Ukrainian political experts, political consultant 5 83 0 Elections in Donbass - a new war?
Ruslan Bortnik 85 Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management 2 83 0 ThePoroshenko`s team is going to split
Viktor Nebozhenko 85 Political scientist, sociologist, director of the sociological service "Ukrainian Barometer" 2 83 0 Reforms are over. Forget!
Taras Chornovol 82 Ukrainian political figure 14 68 0 Lyashko and Tyagnibok brainwash the population of Ukraine
Vladimir Kornilov 79 Director of the Centre for Eurasian Researches 0 79 0 Bandera`s IGilization culture and history of Ukraine
Taras Berezovets 78 Political technologist, director of "Berta Communications" 1 77 0 While Putin is alive and in power - Crimea will not return to Ukraine
Vitaly Bala 78 Director of the Situations Modeling Agency 8 70 0 Coalition has to put a pause today
Irina Bekeshkina 77 Ukrainian sociologist. Director of the "Democratic initiatives" Fund 1 76 0 What will lead Ukrainians to a third Maidan?
Pavel Nuss 72 Political scientist 0 72 0 Putin is prepared for nasty "manymoves"
Alexey Golobutsky 70 Deputy Director of the Situations Modeling Agency 4 66 0 Riots in Kharkov are profitable for Dobkin and Kernes
Andreas Umland 65 International affairs expert of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Institute 15 50 0 Putin's Russia and the essence of Ukrainian crisis
Peter Oleshuk 60 Political scientist, lecturer of Kyiv National University named of Taras Shevchenko 1 59 0 How does Moscow use Minsk agreement?
Anatoly Oktisyuk 27 Analyst of the International Centre for Policy Studies 6 21 0 Four reasons that may allow the Kremlin to regain control over Ukraine
Peter Oleshuk 15 Political scientist, lecturer of Kyiv National University named of Taras Shevchenko 2 13 0 Lavrov to note. Russia and coups
Oleg Voloshin 59 Political analyst - international affairs 4 55 0 Ukraine is now runnig by Washington
Alexei Garan 59 Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of Political Science 4 55 0 The most dangerous thing for us - to legitimize the militants and save them within Ukraine
Anatoly Oktisyuk 59 Analyst of the International Centre for Policy Studies 13 46 0 Lyashko, going to the opposition seeks to save the Rating
Sergey Taran 59 Political scientist, head of the Board of the Centre of Sociological and Political Researches "Sotsіovimіr" 3 56 0 Kolomoisky and Akhmetov are interested in preserving the monopoly of corruption schemes
Valentin Gladkih 56 Political analyst, expert of analytical group "Leviathan" 16 40 0 The death of Igor Eremeev,what is waiting foe "People`s will"?
Olesya Yahno 53 Political expert 9 44 0 Russia turns into the territory from the state
Vitaly Kulik 52 Political consultant, director of the Centre for Civil Society Studies 3 49 0 Yatsenyuk is trying to avoid the resignation
Eugene Magda 51 PhD in Political Science, Director of the Centre for Public Relations 4 47 0 Ukraine wants to shake with the "Morel`s plan"
Sergey Shabovta 47 President of the Ukrainian Federation of Security Professionals 4 43 0 The authorities are afraid of honest weapon law
Yuri Romanenko 44 Political scientist 0 44 0 Akhmetov`s strategic "genius" is preparing a deadly trap for Ukraine
Anatoliy Pavlenko 44 Independent expert on military issues 5 39 0 Approximately 5% of GDP on "defense" would be just eaten
Mikhail Pavliv 43 Director of the Foundation humanitarian strategies 0 43 0 About the negative of Yatsenyuk, optimism of Poroshenko and success of crisis
Nikolai Spiridonov 43 Political scientist and expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management 0 43 0 Kernes after the elections in Kharkiv, will serve the interests of the BPP
Vladimir Tsibulko 42 Ukrainian politician, poet, translator 2 40 0 It is not necessary for President to fight against Lyashko
Andrey Yermolaev 42 Director of the National Institute of Strategic Researches 1 41 0 Ukraine itself pushes Donbass from its consist
Victor Kaspruk 42 Political scientist 10 32 0 By attacking the Ukraine, Putin destroys Russia
Iskander Khisamov 42 Founder and director of the analytical centre "Expert advice", journalist, political scientist 0 42 0 Ukraine is on the verge of man-made disasters
Taras Zagorodny 41 Political expert 16 25 0 Called the reasons of Saakashvili to go to the polls from BPP
Andrei Okara 40 Director of the Centre for Eastern Researches, Russian political scientist 2 38 0 Moscow hopes that the blockade of the Crimea will expire in one to two weeks
Sergei Tolstov 40 Director of the Political Analysis and International Researches Institute 1 39 0 The situation in the Donbass region depends on Russia's relations with the West
Alexander Dudchak 32 Political scientists, economists 1 31 0 Creditors of Ukraine intends to challenge the decision on debt restructuring
Pavel Rudyakov 38 The political scientist, director of information-analytical centre "Perspective" 1 37 0 Klitschko did not justify hopes of the people of Kiev
Oles Dony 32 Ukrainian political and social activist 7 25 0 Putin and Poroshenko agreed to destroy the Ukrainian patriots
Oleksyi Yakubin 32 Ukrainian political analyst, political strategist, conceptologist 1 31 0 Will help sanctions against Russia to Ukraine?
Karl Volokh 31 Expert, member of the public lustration committee 5 26 0 Prosecutors trades physical evidence
Yuri Havrylchenko 31 Expert of the Fond of Public Safety 5 26 0 The rise in price of electricity empties wallets of Ukrainians
Vladimir Gorbach 31 An expert on international issues of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation 0 31 0 Why Ukraine is waging war on the Donbass?
Yuriy Voitenko 28 Political scientist 0 28 0 Coalition will be hold
Oleg Soskin 26 Ukrainian politician, economist and political scientist 2 24 0 Ukraine is on the threshold of enormous changes
Dmitry Dzhangirov 26 Analyst, political scientist 0 26 0 Bankokratiya is replaced democracy in Ukraine
Andrei Yeremenko 26 Political scientist, sociologist, founder of "Active Group" 10 16 0 Solidarity openly accompanies Kernes nomination for mayor of Kharkov Davtyan
Nikolai Sungurovsky 26 Military expert, director of military programs Razumkov Centre 0 26 0 End of mobilization. When will end the ATO?
Michael Basarab 25 Political expert 4 21 0 Sooner or later, Europe recognizes the Putin political Hitler
Yuri Gorodnenko 24 Political scientist 0 24 0 In authority we have enough people without charisma and no new ideas
Georgy Bovt 22 Russian political scientist, journalist 0 22 0 Syria would not be Afghanistan
Sergei Belashko 22 Director of the Agency of social communications 0 22 0 Eroupe hasn`t time for Ukraine because of refugees
Alexey Krasnoperov 21 Political strategist   21 0 Kyiv residents are tired of ineffective policies Klitschko as mayor
Sergey Datsyuk 20 Ukrainian contemporary philosopher, political scientist 0 20 0 The Kremlin has calmed down in the Donbass at the banal reason
Vasily Mocan 20 Political expert, expert Ukrainian watered Consulting Group 0 20 0 1.5 million people deprived of representation in BP - MP
Sergei Gaidai 19 Political strategist, director of social-engineering agency "Gayday.Kom" 0 19 0 All statements of Poroshenko on the establishment of a professional army in Ukraine - it is nothing more than a PR strategy
Viktor Taran 19 Ukrainian political scientist, journalist, expert of the Centre of Political Studies and analysts 2 17 0 Officials are used to live in a new way, and steal by the old
Yulia Tishchenko 19 Political analyst, Ukrainian Centre of Independent Political Research 9 10 0 Russia is responsible for the failure of the Minsk process
Yevgeny Kiselyov 18 Russian and Ukrainian journalist, TV presenter 0 18 0 "The European`s left" is worse than the Russian Bolsheviks
Konstantin Matvienko 18 Political analyst, head of strategic consulting corporation "Gardarika" 0 18 0 Why it is important for "Batkivshchyna"to remain in the coalition?
Alexey Melnik 18 Program codirector of foreign policy and international security Razumkov Center 2 6 0 Putin is due to Syria diverts attention from Ukraine
Andrey Miselyuk 18 Director of the "Dialogue" Institute 4 14 0 A veteran of Chechnya Yatsenyuk is uncomfortable partner
Eugene Filindash 18 Political scientist and director of the Ukrainian Center for Social Intelligence 0 18 0 As far as the government is engaged in social standards?
Vyacheslav Kovtun 16 Director of the Centre of Research of social processes "Expert"   16 0 They want to eat Moldova
Sergei Slobodchuk 16 Political consultant 0 16 0 The agreement on free trade zone is more beneficial for the EU than for Ukraine
Vyacheslav Smirnov 16 Director of the Research Institute for Political Sociology 0 16 0 The Russians took overdose of information about Ukraine
Nikolai Davidyuk 15 Ppolitical scientist, director of the analytical centre "Politics" 7 8 0 How will end Yatsenyuk and Saakashvili opposition?
Andrey Mishin 14 Doctor of Political Science, Director of the Kiev Institute of Peace Studies 0 14 0 There is no practically meaning in location of NATO bases in Ukraine
Alexander Motyl 14 Political analyst from the Center for Global Change and Management and the Rutgers University 0 14 1 Will the West exchange Ukraine for Syria in the party with the Kremlin?
Andrey Kruglashov 14 The political scientist, coordinator of the "Honest" 7 7 0 What to expect from the local elections of 2015?
Alexandra Reshmedylova 14 Ph.D., political scientist 0 14 0 What trump cards up its sleeve Omelchenko and "Unity"?
Iryna Sushko 13 Leader CO "Europe without barriers" 6 7 0 Europe without Barriers
Andrey Buzarov 13 Lawyer, political scientist - international affairs, master of foreign policy 1 12 0 New sanctions against Russia - a PR move by the Ukrainian authorities
Sergey Bykov 13 Political scientist 0 13 0 Korban and Filatov promote "technical" candidate and invited Russian political technologists
Yuri Paliychuk 12 Political expert 5 7 0 Explosion under the Rada could be planned
Igor Koziy 10 Military expert of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation 0 10 0 New Military Doctrine - an effective defense planning or a set of slogans?
Yanina Sokolovska 10 Political expert 0 10 0 The Georgian people's republic in anticipation of the October Revolution
Kirill Molchanov 10 Political scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences   10 0 Poroshenko - a hostage of the war in the Donbass, he is not interested in resolving the
Katerina Odarchenko 10 Political scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences 3 7 0 Elections in the Donbass. What threatens Ukraine plan Morel?
Dmitry Vydrin 9 Ukrainian politician, political scientist, publicist, advisor to four presidents of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (5th convocation) 0 9 0 Kharkov is delivered to Kernes
Anton Shekhovtsov 9 An expert on international issues of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation 1 7 1 The unifying feature of all invited to Moscow - on the left of Irish nationalists to the Latin American anti-globalization - is their anti-Americanism
Anton Finko 8 Political scientist 0 8 0 Ukraine is threatens by Somaliazation
Oleksandr Sushko 8 Scientific Director of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation 1 7 0 Why does Kremlin support Assad?
Vladislav Dzividzinsky 8 Political scientist 2 6 0 How will affect the election in Western Ukraine on the Donbas fate?
Yuri Lesnichiy 7 Political scientist, Institute of Analysis and Forecasting 1 6 0 The main problems of the race at the start of local elections?
Oksana Grigorieva 6 Political consultant 0 6 0 "Lull" in the Donbass turned into a permanent state. Prior to the complete world away
Natalia Bilous 6 Political scientist, an expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Management Analysis and Policy 0 6 0 Lustration is dead
Oleg Medvedev 5 Political strategist, journalist 0 5 0 Poroshenko did not have the power of Yanukovych
Anna Svidchenko 5 Political scientist, an expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Management Analysis and Policy 2 3 0 The blockade of the Crimea, as a tool of political game
Roman Travin 5 Political scientist and director of the East Centre of Strategic Initiatives 0 5 0 The attack at the Verkhovna Rada allow Poroshenko added radicals
Anne Golembiovskaya 5 Political expert 0 5 0 Saakashvili - is a failure to attract foreign supervisors
Laurynas Kaschyunas 1 Analyst Research Centre Eastern Europe 0 1 0 Do the EU strategy towards Belarus?
Anatoly Baronin 4 Director of the analytical group "Da Vinci AG" 0 4 0 The crisis of developing countries
Roman Rukomeda 4 Political scientist, Centre for Energy Studies 0 4 0 Putin proposes a deal to the West about the Crimea
Vladimir Manko 4 Political scientist, Director of Communication group 2 2 0 Ukraine must maintain a strong public sector
Yulia Komarova 4 Director of the consulting agency "Concept Group" 1 3 0 Exit factions Tymoshenko and Garden coalition will lead to disaster
Elena Bronytskaya 4 The political scientist, an expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Management Analysis and Policy 0 4 0 The blockade of the Crimea - a method of pressure on Russia
Taras Kuzio 3 Researcher at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, School of Advanced International Studies at Johns 0 3 0 Poroshenko is losing its only chance for real change in the country
Igor Losev 3 Associate Professor of the Department of Cultural Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, a political scientist, Ph.D. 0 3 0  
Pavel Kruglyakovsky 3 Political consultant, senior partner of the Agency for Strategic Communications Res Publica 0 3 0 How does the election rhyme?
Vitaly Sharlay 3 Expert of the Centre of Political Studies and analysis, Head of Policy Analysis 1 2 0 Ether : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjZAZ5ZoD5A
Konstantin Fedorenko 2 The expert of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation 0 2 0 Without money of the IMF - a default is not possible
Nikolai Volgov 2 Executive Director of the Association of politspetsialistov Politconsultant.org 0 2 0 Speech at the Council of Regional Development Klitschko has demonstrated its competence
Maxim Yakovlev 2 Political scientist, associate professor of political science at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy 2 0 0 Ukraine should think and talk about Syrian refugees
Alexey Belovol 2 Political scientist 0 2 0 Method and goal: overthrow by violence always leads to a new overthrow
Yuri Saukh 2 Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Analysis and Forecasting of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine 1 1 0 Older brake of the new civil service reform
Vladimir Stus 2 Political analyst 0 2 0 Ether : http://112.ua/video/politicheskiy-analitik-vladimir-stus--gost-112-ukraina-23092015-172653.html
Alexander Bulavin 1 Political scientist 0 1 0 Will the West recognize the "elections" in the DNR?