Ruslan Bortnik

January 214 5 The real economic crisis has already arrived in Ukraine
February 220 8 Withdrawal of arms in the zone ATO - it's a game of cat and mouse
March 169 6 Kolomoisky untied his hands for the political struggle
April 319 2 The country has declared a hunt for the "People's Front" and Yatsenyuk
May 237 6 Poroshenko prevent radicals
June 140 5 Poroshenko is the tactics of the unilateral implementation of the Minsk-2
July 181 5 Bortnik currency compared with the state law pofigizmom.
August 170 2 The events under the Verkhovna Rada of the power fault
September 85 9 In Poroshenko team planned to split
October 330 2 Elections in Ukraine is a political arm wrestling
November 171 5 NATO may indicate Russia at the door after the incident with a fighter
December 149 3 Yatsenyuk Cabinet has long been on the hook deputies