Sergei Belashko

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January 25 36 Active battles in the Donbass quickly end
February 58 38 The president is not ready to impose martial law throughout the country
March 20 53 The loss of manpower is easily compensated
April 19 66 For all that is happening now - the current government is responsible
May 25 51 Saakashvili mission - direct import and export flows in Odessa under the control of Poroshenko
June 17 52 Donetsk residents saw the impoverished and richer separatists
July 25 47 Authorities benefit from bribing voters in Chernihiv and undermining the foundations of democracy.
August 25 52 Why the Greek Prime Minister, Tsipras has resigned?
September 22 55 Because refugees are not Europe to Ukraine
October 11 89 The second round of elections of the mayor of Kiev marked scandalously low turnout
November 18 76 The new labor code cancels all the rights of employees
December 33 53 Can the one-party system in Ukraine?