Sergei Tolstov

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January 19 40 Russia is interested in the legalization of "LPR" and "DPR"
February 99 28 The introduction of UN peacekeepers in Ukraine - it's just talk
March 41 37 If Putin sees the weakness of the West, attack Ukraine will become bigger
April 41 32 The struggle for power: Yatsenyuk creates his lever of influence on officials
May 21 53 How to change the attitude to Ukraine after the election of the new President of Poland
June 13 63 The rising prices of utilities in Armenia creates a paradox when society is superfluous
July 38 47 The West wants to remove Putin by the method of Yanukovych.
August 29 48 Militants will began to understand why the Kremlin uses them
September 40 39 The situation in the Donbass depends on Russia's relations with the West
October 74 33 The Donbas between war and elections
November 34 48 Summon to Novinsky is not the initiative of the President. This is the trick by people, who trying to model the situation and create an atmosphere of witch-hunt.
December 46 42 Biden spoke about the federalization, in order to save Ukrainian project