Sergey Bykov

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May 14 60 Paolo Gentiloni statement regarding Ukraine was interpreted incorrectly
June 14 60 In Block Poroshenko's resignation Nalyvaychenko vote MPs close to the president (and oligarch Konstantin Grigorishin - Ed.), Radical opposition bloc, and deputy groups did not support the question
July 16 102 Right sector began to invest in the elections. "
August 2 110 To pray? Running in the casino!
September 13 94 Korban and Filatov promote "technical" candidate and invited the Russian political strategists
October 19 76 Pro-governmental candidate impresses voters in Poltava
November 20 72 GPU, accusing Yanukovich only protects the real criminals
December 24 65 Krivoy Rog precedent set by "self-help", threatens all elected leaders of cities and people's deputies