Sergey Datsyuk

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February 47 40 The Agony Of Russia
March 54 33 The fate of the "DPR" and "LPR" strictly depends on the war between Russia and Ukraine
April 35 39 Ukrainians do not want to be like citizens of the Russian Empire
May 66 36 Why are inhibited reform and whether the third Maidan?
June 44 30 What should be the policy of Ukraine to the Crimea and Donbas after Minsk agreements
July 151 8 International tribunals as instruments of mankind
August 53 32 The discursive war between Ukraine and Russia
September 20 57 The Kremlin was quiet in the Donbass for the most trivial reasons
October 49 51 Russia on the brink of chaos
November 32 53 Revolution communities in Ukraine became possible
December 22 66 Modern television is organized on discriminatory principles