Taras Berezovets

January 147 9 Ukraine has to prepare for open war with Russia
February 253 7 Debaltsevo - slap in the face of Putin, Obama
March 233 2 Poroshenko vs Kolomoisky: who won
April 208 10 What threatens the Kremlin Obama's intervention in the negotiations on the Donbas
May 190 11 Russia really wants to be America
June 99 9 Do not stop fighting until the last occupier leaves our land Crimean
July 134 15 As the Kremlin has a good sweep of the Crimea?
August 121 9 Putin will pull on the bottom of Lukashenka and Nazarbayev
September 78 12 While Putin is alive and in power - will not return Crimea to Ukraine
October 169 8 Omelchenko did not meet the expectations of the team Klitschko
November 95 15 Yatsenyuk slipped Putin "hybrid" pig in the worst possible time
December 145 4 Predict future to Yanukovych's policy is to psychiatrist