Taras Chornovil

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January 143 9 Russia as a source of danger
February 143 17 We were on the brink of nuclear war, but US satellites neutralized Russia
March 92 20 As governor Kolomoisky not withdraw, but to balance raskulachat a couple of oligarchs
April 114 23 Approximate Putin is not "clean" it, for fear of a nuclear war
May 80 35 Russia tries to push Ukraine "DNR" and "LC" on its own terms
June 49 24 The Kremlin wants to get rid of the "DNR" and "LC"
July 57 35 The Party of Regions are not all idiots.
August 97 16 Yanukovych is not an idiot, he seems
September 82 11 Lyashko and Tyahnybok brainwash the population of Ukraine
October 149 9 Deputies to deny the authority of sloppiness
November 172 4 NATO may indicate Russia at the door after the incident with a fighter
December 102 12 Yatsenyuk can count on US support