Taras Kuzio

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January 12 44 The EU's failure to recognize militants "DPR" and "LPR" terrorists – double standards
February 107 25 The strategic goal of Putin — from the realm of fantasy
March 32 42 Why Ukraine is a weak state, why is it so difficult? We overcome the consequences of colonialism
April 8 63 "Putin repeated this today, but Ukrainians and Russians are one people. Just look at how differently they perceive Stalin"
May 0 0  
June 7 71 No respect to the victims, and Russia continues to lie and forge evidence of his guilt in the crash of MH-17
July 12 63 Ukrainians won "Novorossiya" Putin and Poroshenko must defeat the oligarchs.
August 11 73 Poroshenko does not fulfill the promises about reforms
September 3 101 Petro Poroshenko is losing his only chance for real change in the country
October 11 90 Ukraine says "thank you" to Vladimir Putin
November 18 77 Canada had a serious reason not to grant Ukraine weapons
December 7 102 If Trudeau does not give Ukraine weapons, canadian Ukrainians will not forgive him