UIAMP publishes in electronic format the book “The Price of Reforms”

Dear readers of the site, the electronic version of the book “The Price of Reforms” of authorship of experts of the Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management of Policy D. Bogatyrev, R. Bortnik, D. Gaevsky, V. Gaidai, V. Dzividzinsky, I. Pechenkin, A. Peshko, M. Semenov, N. Spiridonov, V. Yakushik is presented to your attention.

This publication is based on the results of the “Price of Reforms” research program of the Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management of Policy, which was conducted in the period 2015-2019.

The authors of the study attempted an impartial and reasoned analysis of the goals, course and consequences of the key reforms carried out in Ukraine after the change of power in 2014 with special reference to police reform, education reform, health care, deregulation, decentralization, anti-corruption and judicial reforms. They investigated the consequences of the introduced reforms, their causes and the course; forecasts were made and practical recommendations were given to optimize processes and to achieve the best results of the ongoing reforms.

All statistical information used in this publication has been obtained from open source official or other public sources. The results of each of the studies were tested and made public at a series of presentations and press conferences and roundtables.

Each of the studies in this publication is presented in the form of a graphic presentation and a text (except for the judicial reform).

The presentation of the printed version of the book will take place in September.

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Дата публикации: 
29.08.2019 - 16