Ukrainian institute of analysis and management continues the Ukrainian political scientists and other political experts rating research and introduces the research results of June 2015

Ukrainian institute of analysis and management continues the Ukrainian political scientists and other political experts rating research and introduces the research results of June 2015.

We gradually improve the rating. Since March 2015 we publish not only numerical values, but a short annotation for every expert and a quote or topic, mostly quoted by Media within specified period.

The rating reflects the number of quotations, references of such experts and their statements, videos including their speeches available on the network, recordings of their performances on the radio stations web-sites. Every result has been developed by calculating the results of the request to the Google (with “for a month” restriction, a browser Google Chrome). The results containing a tag with a name of an expert without direct mentioning of him or his quotation were not taken into account.

Rating does not claim the ultimate truth , or giving estimation political scientists or political assessment of the experts – each of them is unique professional, the results of which can not be measured only by citation index .

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Vladimir Fesenko 290 Ukraine will be forced to make concessions in the Minsk talks. The head of the Centre of practical political researsh "Penta"
Vladimir Kornilov 191 Poroshenko hasn’t anyone to rely on besides Saakashvili. Director of the Center for Eurasian Researches
Kost Bondarenko 154 Nearly two-thirds of Ukrainians are ready to abandon the Donbas. Political scientist, historian. Chairman of the Institute of Ukrainian politics and the "Ukrainian politics" Fund
Vadim Karasev 141 Poroshenko has chosen successfully strategy since criticizing their own work. Director of the Institute of Global Strategies
Ruslan Bortnik 140 Poroshenko has chosen the tactics of unilateral enforcement of Minsk-2. Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management
Alexander Palii 136 Hands of the "Russian world" is growing not out of the place. Ukrainian political expert, political consultant
Karl Voloh 107 Kvitashvili can pack his bags. Expert
Vitaly Shabunin 102 About the appointment of Saakashvili: We can not defeat corruption in a particular area. The course is beautiful, but it is only PR. Chairman of the Anti-corruption Centre
Taras Berezovets 99 We don’t stop fighting until the last occupier leaves our Crimean land. Political technologist, director of "Berta Communications"
Mikhail Pogrebinsky 96 USA wants to persuade the militias capitulate, or to provoke Putin sending troops. Director of the Kiev Center of Political and Conflict
Andrew Piontkovsky 93 The case against Putin: threat of a palace revolution is growing. Russian journalist, politician
Vitaly Bala 89 The lustration law does not apply. Director of the Situations Modeling Agency.
Paul Nuss 73 In the case of a global war, Russia will lose during the first days of fighting and cease to exist. Expert
Andrew Zolotarev 71 Ukrainian opposition is unprofessional. Director of the Center "Third Sector".
Yevgeny Magda 71 From Saturday to Saturday. Fire alarm and decentralization as a panacea and transatlantic intelligence. PhD in Political Science, Director of the Center for Public Relations
Dmitry Dzhangirov 68 Ukrainian oligarchs are against war. Analyst, political scientist
Alex Golobutsky 67 Business in Ukraine needs the same radical steps such as in Georgia. Deputy Director of the Situations Modeling Agency
Yevgeny Kiselyov 62 For the treatment victims of propaganda needed a new language. Russian and Ukrainian journalist, TV presenter
Oleg Soskin 57 There is the counter-revolution in Ukraine. Ukrainian politician, economist and political scientist
Andreas Umland 57 West was several tired of the Ukrainian issue, but that does not mean that he will stop working for the settlement of the military conflict in the Donbass. International affairs expert of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Institute
Yuriy Romanenko 52 Ukraine will disintegrate if it cram LPR/DPR. Political scientist
Oles Dony 51 The appointment of Saakashvili is a strong move of Poroshenko. He thereby took the part of the positive rating of the ex-President of Georgia. Ukrainian political and social activist
Alex Gran 51 Decentralisation is necessary for all areas, especially for Donbass, which will receive at the expense more powers. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of Political Science
Taras Chornovol 49 The Kremlin wants to get rid of the "DPR" and "LPR". Ukrainian politician
Andrew Okara 48 For the West their own comfort more expensive than Ukraine. Director of the Center for Eastern Researches, Russian political scientist
Vladimir Gorbach 46 Russia will not sustain the arms race with the West, so it expects to collapse. Expert on international issues in the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Institute
Peter Oleshuk 44 If Ukraine does not return the Crimea now, Russia will destroy the peninsula. Political scientist, lecturer of Kyiv National University named of Taras Shevchenko
Yuriy Gavrilechko. 44 Ukraine threatened of Black Friday. Expert of the Public Safety Fund
Olesya Yahno 44 The complete disruption of Minsk AGREEMENTS AND PUBLIC GETTING INSANITY PUTIN. Political experts
Sergey Datsyuk 44 What should be a policy of of Ukraine to the Donbass and Crimea after Minsk Agreement. Ukrainian modern philosopher, political scientist
Georgy Bovt 43 Greek Theatre: output expensive than input. Russian political scientist, journalist.
Yuriy Paliychuk 42 In these elections, the struggle in the left niche is going to be brutal. Political expert.
Mikhail Pavliv 41 The new law on local elections: the parliamentary parties’ cartel collusion. Director of the Foundation humanitarian strategies
Irina Bekeshkina. 40 Polish policy towards Ukraine remains unchanged. Ukrainian sociologist. Director of the "Democratic initiatives" Fund
Igor Koziy 39 What is happening now and Maryenko Krasnogorka - it is not offensive. This will occur constantly. Military expert at the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
Vladimir Tsibulko 38 The fire at the tank farm in Vasilkov is a terrorist act and repartition of the market Ukrainian politician, poet, translator
Taras Zagorodniy 38 Efremov will go to the local elections in Lugansk. Political experts
Viktor Taran 36 Arrest Klyuyev: deputies are not willing to give up theirs. Ukrainian political scientist, journalist, expert of the Center of Political Studies and analysts
Oleg Medvedev 34 According to the new Constitution, the President will have much less power. Political technologist and journalist
Sergey Shabovta 33 The battalions’ problems will grow like a cancer. President of the Ukrainian Federation of Security Professionals
Alexei Melnik 33 The subject of dialogue with the militants should be an agreement on the surrender. Co-director of foreign policy programs and international security of the Razumkov Center.
Igor Losev 31 Poroshenko wants to revive the regime of Yanukovich Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, a political scientist, Ph.D..
Konstantin Matvienko 28 . The prospect of Russia as a country, the exchange on the perspective of a particular political leader Political scientist, head of strategic consulting corporation "Gardarika"
Irina Sushko 27 What hinders Ukraine in obtaining visa-free regime. Leader of the state association "Europe without barriers"
Yevgeny Kopatko 26 To unite the country on the hatred of Russia has not turned. Sociologist, Research&Branding Group
Sergey Taran 24 Klitschko is combined with the "Samopomichy" due to falling ratings. Ukrainian politician
Alexei Yakubin 19 Battalion gave fire. What is behind the disgrace of volunteer connections Ukrainian political analyst, political strategist and Conceptology Political Science
Alexandra Reshmedilova 19 The Centre is still trying to keep control on the areas for control finances. Ph.D., political scientist
Andrew Miselyuk 19 Minister of Ecology Shevchenko will probably need to write a letter of resignation. Director of the "Dialogue" Institute
Vasiliy Mokan 17 Political expert
Michael Basarab 17 Previous vizantiyschina has not disappeared - a vivid example of the resignation Nalyvaychenko. Political expert
Sergey Belashko 17 Donetsk residents saw that they got poorer and the separatists are getting richer. Director of the Social Communications Agency
Konstantin Fedorenko 17 Armenian President is afraid to repeat the fate of Yanukovych. Expert at the Institute of Euro-Atlantic cooperation
Oleksandr Sushko 16 Collective insecurity. Scientific. Director of the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Institute
Pavel Rudyakov. 16 Without taking into account the interests of the Russian Federation stop the war in the Donbas does not turn out.  
Andrew Yermolaev 16 Everything must be done to get people back to their homeland. And remained patriots. Director of the National Institute of Strategic Researches
Valentin Gladkih 15 For Klyuyev was given the opportunity to escape. Political analyst, expert of analytical group "Leviathan"
Andrew Buzarov. 14 In Europe are growing radical nationalist sentiments. Political Scientist
Sergey Bykov. 14 In Poroshenko’s Block for the resignation Nalyvaychenko would vote deputies close to the president (and oligarch Konstantin Grigorishin - Ed.), The radicals, the opposition bloc and deputy groups will not support the issue. Political Scientist
Yuriy Gorodenko 14 Bilderberg hopes for a "fifth column" Political Scientist
Iskander Khisamov 13 Demarche of Nalyvaychenko - one of the signs of change of power. Founder and Director of the "Expert advice" analytical center, essayist, political scientist
Sergei Tolstov 13 Raising the price of communal Armenia creates a paradox when society is superfluous. Director of the Political Analysis and International Researches Institute
Nikolai Spiridonov 13 Nalyvaychenko amassed compromising - will be high-profile investigation. Political scientist and expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management
Anton Finko 11 Authority now performs all dirty work for Tymoshenko. Political Scientist
Katerina Odarchenko 10 The majority of voters in Ukraine are ready to sell his vote in the election, using the methods of direct or veiled bribery. Political strategist, founder of «SIC Group Ukraine"
Vyacheslav Kovtun 9 What allowed Honduras is not allowed Ukraine - visa-free regime. Director of the Public processes center "Expert"
Nicholas Davydyuk 9 Place in the Anti-Corruption Bureau is worth $ 10-30 thousand? Political scientist and director of the analytical center "POLICY"
Anatoly Baronin 8 Why is Ukraine a major exporter of weapons in the conditions of war? Director of the analytical group "Da Vinci AG
Roman Rukomeda 7 Ukraine can move from GTS. Political scientist, Center for Energy Research
Taras Kuzio. 7 None of respect for the victims: Russia continues lying and falsify evidence of his guilt in Shootdown MH-17. Researcher of the Center of transatlantic relations, School of fundamental international research in Johns University
Alexander Motyl. 6 Should Kyiv block Donbass? Political scientist at Center of global changes and Management from Rutgers University
Anatoliy Pavlenko 6 Russia goes on the offensive to strengthen their negotiating positions. Independent expert on military issues
Dmitry Vydrin 6 The problem of the opposition - the lack of real leadership. Ukrainian politician, political scientist, publicist, advisor to four presidents of Ukraine
Anton Shekhovtsov 6 Putin is revenges for the Soviet Union by the support or "the Texan separatists". Expert on international issues of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
Andrew Yeremenko 5   Political Scientist, professor
Helen Bronitskaya. 3   The political scientist, an expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Management Analysis and Policy
Anne Golembiovska. 3 The activities that the EU applies anti-Putin have the effect of. Political experts
Andrew Kruglashov 2 Public control in local elections is very important. Political scientist
Maxim Yakovlev. 2   Political scientist, associate professor of political science at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy
Alexei Belovol. 2   Political Scientist
Vyacheslav Smirnov. 1 The average price of a place on the list for the Duma today - from 3 to 7 million euros. Director of the Research Institute of Political Sociology
Vladislav Dzividzinsky 1   Ukrainian political scientist
Yulia Komarova 0   Director of the consulting agency "Concept Group"
Laurynas Kaschyunas 0   Analyst of Center Research of the Eastern Europe