Ukrainian political experts media-activity rating In March 2015

Ukrainian institute of analysis and management continues the Ukrainian political scientists and other political experts rating research and introduces the research results for march 2015.

We gradually improve the rating. Since March 2015 we publish not only numerical values, but a short annotation for every expert and a quote or topic, mostly quoted by Media within specified period.

The rating reflects the number of quotations, references of such experts and their statements, videos including their speeches available on the network, recordings of their performances on the radio stations web-sites. Every result has been developed by calculating the results of the request to the Google (with “for a month” restriction, a browser Google Chrome). The results containing a tag with a name of an expert without direct mentioning of him or his quotation were not taken into account.


Mikhail Pogrebinsky 281 War in the Donbas will not renewed Director of the Kiev Center of Political and Conflict
Taras Berezovets 233  We have to go by the example of the Mossad in relation to all of these criminals, traitors, among them the military who betrayed the oath Political technologist, director of "Berta Communications"
Vadim Karasev 198 Will Ukraine get visa-free regime with the EU until the end of the year? Director of the Institute of Global Strategies
Andrew Zolotarev 182 Kolomoysky aimed at Kiev Director of the Center "Third Sector"
Volodymyr Fesenko 169 Putin will have problem more great than Ukraine soon Head of the Center of Applied Political Researches "Penta"
Ruslan Bortnik 169 Events around the state enterprise "Ukrtransnafta" show "backstage" fight of financial and industrial groups against Igor Kolomoisky Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management
Carl Voloh 168 Prosecutor of Kiev Yuldashev fired because of lustration Expert
Kost Bondarenko 165 Kolomoiskiy's answer can be abrupt and unexpected - derail the hryvna, breakup of the coalition in parliament etc. He has all possibilities for it. Political scientist, historian. Chairman of the Institute of Ukrainian politics and the "Ukrainian politics" Fund
Oles Dony 143 The war of oligarchs is not over Ukrainian political and social activist
Vladimir Kornilov 132 Yatsenyuk will not keep silent in answer to allegations of corruption Director of the Center for Eurasian Researches
Yevgeny Kiselyov 132 Who is responsible for the Boris Nemtsov's death Russian and Ukrainian journalist, TV presenter
Eugene Kopatko 131 Does the court affect on Tymoshenko's rating? Sociologist, the company Research & Branding Group
Alexei Garan 130 It makes no sense to rush and hold early elections, because we have more pressing issues Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of Political Science
Andreas Umland 122 Will Ukrainian survive in the economy war? International affairs expert of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Institute
Iskander Khisamov 97 Government of Yatsenyuk is paralyzed. Kolomoisky and his Sicilian character Founder and Director of the "Expert advice" analytical center, essayist, political scientist
Andrei Piontkovsky 96 Putin intends to win World War 4 Russian journalist, politician
Oleg Soskin 96 The money from the IMF will not reach the people Ukrainian politician, economist and political scientist
Vitaly Shabunin 93 Detention of officials could be called the fight against corruption when they go to jail Chairman of the Anti-corruption Centre
Alexander Palii 93 Russian World - is gangsterism, murder, looting Ukrainian political experts, political consultant
Taras Chornovil 92 Recognition of the occupation of the territories of Donbass will make impossible the existence of the Minsk agreements Ukrainian politician
Olesya Yahno 90 Russia's future will be decided in two months Political expert
Sergey Taran 90 Resignation of Kolomoiskiy: strong move or split of the elite? Political scientist, head of the Board of the Center of Sociological and Political Researches "Sotsіovimіr"
Vitaly Bala 87 Ukraine is Putin's ultimate objective Director of the Situations Modeling Agency
Eugene Magda 85 Will Crimea return to Ukraine? PhD in Political Science, Director of the Center for Public Relations
Igor Koziy 81 Ukrainian authorities are beginning to understand how to return the Crimea and the Donbass Military expert at the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
Andrei Okara 80 Crimea leads Russian Federation to its self-destruction Director of the Center for Eastern Researches, Russian political scientist
Paul Nuss 77 Paul Nuss: Do Ukrainians want a military solution the conflict in the Donbass? Expert
Dmitry Dzhangirov 75 The war in the Donbass does not benefit anyone Analyst, political scientist
Irina Bekeshkina 69 Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk region - "two big differences" Ukrainian sociologist. Director of the "Democratic initiatives" Fund
Georgy Bovt 68 Ukraine without Kolomoiskiy - what's next? Russian political scientist, journalist
Peter Oleshuk 62 Fighting broke out in the Donbass again Political scientist, lecturer of Kyiv National University named of Taras Shevchenko
Oleksandr Sushko 60 Ukraine is not ready for visa-free regime Scientific Director of the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Institute
Sergey Datsyuk 54 The fate of the "DNR" and "LNR" strictly depends on the war between Russia and Ukraine Ukrainian modern philosopher, political scientist
Sergey Shabovta 52 Avakov confused security firms and armed groups President of the Ukrainian Federation of Security Professionals
Yuri Paliychuk 50 Putin has reached his purposes, he doesn't need war Political expert
Vladimir Tsibulko 44 The old rules for the oligarchs have been exhausted, Kolomoysky acts to establish new rules of play for the future Ukrainian politician, poet, translator
Sergei Tolstoy 41 Plans of militants to capture "all over Ukraine": Honey is sweet, but the bee stings Director of the Political Analysis and International Researches Institute
Andrew Yermolaev 35 Traitors of Ukraine have long been abroad Director of the National Institute of Strategic Researches
Alex Golobutsky 35 If we do not liquidate judicial "mafia", we will not succeed Deputy Director of the Situations Modeling Agency
Alexander Motyl 34 Stalemate situation in the Donbass is winning for Ukraine Political scientist at Center of global changes and Management from Rutgers University
Vladimir Gorbach 33 The West begins to react only after some tragedies Expert on international issues in the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Institute
Taras Kuzio 32 You need more than one generation to the consolidation of the nation Researcher of the Center of transatlantic relations, School of fundamental international research in Johns University
Valentin Gladkih 30 Public Opinion in Ukraine at the level of the era of European absolutism XVII - XVIII centuries Political analyst, expert of analytical group "Leviathan"
Michael Basarab 30 Authority is nervous that in some regions of the East and South, "oppoиsition bloc" is very popular Political expert
Vyacheslav Kovtun 27 Politicians in the coalition demonstrate their readiness to cooperate Director of the Public processes center "Expert"
Iryna Sushko 26 When talking about the terms of reference or criteria, in fact we are talking about reforms. It is a huge amount of tasks. The head of the civil organization "Europe without Barriers"
Viktor Taran 25 Poroshenko and Kolomoysky had agreed a nonaggression Ukrainian political scientist, journalist, expert of the Center of Political Studies and analysts
Dmitry Vydrin 25 The problem of the opposition is the lack of the real leader Ukrainian politician, political scientist, publicist, advisor to four presidents of Ukraine
Igor Losev 23 All our southern flank could collapse if Russian troops begin attack Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, a political scientist, Ph.D.
Konstantin Matvienko 23 There is the principle of "what is not forbidden is allowed" In Ukraine Political scientist, head of strategic consulting corporation "Gardarika"
Oleg Medvedev 23 Putin "eats" brotherly people with appetite Political technologist and journalist
Nikolai Spiridonov 20 There is a hypothesis that Kolomoysky is aiming to the presidency Political scientist and expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management
Sergey Belashko 20 Crimea could back to the Ukraine in the decay of the Russian Federation Director of the Social Communications Agency
Andrew Miselyuk 18 What will give public detention of officials and why they were handcuffed in front of cameras Director of the "Dialogue" Institute
Laurynas Kaschyunas 17 In the EU have started talking about returning Kaliningrad to Europe Analyst of Center Research of the Eastern Europe
Basil Mocan 15 Anticorruption bureau will monitor the privacy of officials Political expert
Alexander Reshmedilova 14 Reform of Parliament. How to start Ph.D., political scientist
Anatoliy Pavlenko 12 Putin's order to verify the combat readiness is dangerous for Ukraine Independent expert on military issues
Constantine Fedorenko 10 How Russia integrates unrecognized republics Expert at the Institute of Euro-Atlantic cooperation
Anton Shekhovtsov 9 Russian belligerent Deputy Prime Minister convenes a meeting of European Nazis Expert on international issues of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
Andrei Eremenko 8 Maybe in Ukraine some politicians are free to choose, but the President is not Co-author of "Technology of modeling future", managing partner of the research company «Active Group»
Vyacheslav Smirnov 8 Russia has no the Ministry of Propaganda Director of the Research Institute of Political Sociology
Katerina Odarchenko 8 The result of the work of the government and the coalition is the lack of reforms Political technologist, founder of the company «SIC Group Ukraine"
Anatoly Baronin 7 about the legalization of arms Director of the analytical group "Da Vinci AG
Vladislav Dzividzinsky 6 about the pricing, housing and utilities sector, oligarchic clans Ukrainian political scientist
Vladimir Eremenko 6 The main Putin's risks in 2015 Political scientist, professor
Maxim Yakovlev 4 about IMF tranche and the economy Political scientist, associate professor of political science at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy
Nicholas Davydyuk 3 about the work of the Verkhovna Rada, reforms and the judicial system Political scientist and director of the analytical center "POLICY"
Yulia Komarova 2 Ukrainian society really wants to reform, but does not see them Director of the consulting agency "Concept Group"