Vadim Karasev

January 295 2 Poroshenko soon will go to the personnel assignment
February 393 1 Putin will not break the corridor through Crimea
March 198 3 Kolomoisky have no strength to go into a broke
April 265 6 Without funding the law about replacing the Soviet names will ring hollow
May 284 1 Donbass will return, but not on Putin conditions
June 141 4 Poroshenko well chosen strategy, to criticize their own work
July 213 3 Moskal can make it so that there will be less and contraband smugglers to be careful, but can not eliminate it as a phenomenon
August 177 1 Minister A.Pavlenko outside the risk zone reformatting Cabinet
September 114 2 In Kharkov, "Clash of the Titans" can take place in the election
October 398 1 Violence to Korban - an attempt to resist the formation of a powerful movement right
November 250 1 The activists - are not people who break the law. These are people who help to establish law
December 162 1 Pivovarskiy went out in the European way