Vasily Mocan

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February 16 53 It is necessary that the parties "Norman Quartet" accepted the Minsk Agreement failures
March 15 56 National anti-corruption bureau will investigate and punishment of high-level officials
April 19 49 There is no doubt that this decision creates legal effects and precedents for Russia
May 10 64 Россия готовится к очередному витку эскалации конфликта во второй половине мая
June 17 50
July 9 72 Saakashvili has the full confidence of Poroshenko.
August 27 50 Mayor of Kiev will Klitschko and Lviv - Garden
September 20 58 1.5 million people deprived of representation in Parliament - MP
October 30 67 Explosion in Svatovo - it was a deliberate action
November 25 62 In the capital, trying to increase the turnout in the elections with the help of black technologies
December 41 50 Bet on West Yatsenyuk and diversionary tactic Yanukovych