Viktor Taran

Vyktor Taran mention place  
January 24 38 Europe is tired of Ukraine
February 40 43 "Public Finance" Reanimation package of Reforms.
March 25 47 Unidentified persons vandalized the apartment of the Deputy Sumar
April 29 45 The bill of Cabinet of Ministers about financing of parties contains 4 the risk of corruption and the number of threats
May 30 46 The General Secretary OUN will visit Moscow on may 9 to leave nicely
June 36 38 Klyuev's arrest: deputies are not ready to surrender their
July 54 37 Under Groisman the already wobbly chair.
August 46 37 "United Russia" Poroshenko will tame Saakashvili?
September 19 60 Officials used to live in a new way, and to steal the old way
October 76 30 How to build a dialogue between society, business and government
November 66 21 Every tenth Ukrainian has agreed to sell the voice and support another candidate
December 70 23 Honest rules against deputy amnesia