Vitaly Shabunin

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January 132 11 Who failed the anti-corruption campaign in Ukraine
February 128 20 Where and to whom the money raised now?
March 93 18 Security officials want to disrupt the work of the Anti-Corruption Bureau
April 146 20 At the meeting of the Anti-Corruption Committee Shokin will talk about three things
May 162 14 Who will control NatsByuro / online-voting
June 102 8 About the appointment of Saakashvili: It is impossible to defeat corruption in a particular area. The course`s beautiful, but this is another PR
July 223 2 While President is Poroshenko none of the Yanukovychs vertical won`t sit.
August 112 12 Efremov has very stupid situation with Poroshenko. If he sits into jail, he will tell everything about everybody
September 100 4 Poroshenko holds Shokin, because only he can assign the one he needs anti-corruption prosecutor
October 97 23 The candidate will bribe voters, if they understand that "discourage" money
November 123 10 The death of anti-corruption reforms was prevented
December 117 9 The post of deputy Holodnitskogo have three candidates