Vladimir Kornilov

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January 150 8 The orgy of lawlessness in Ukraine began with Kiev
February 259 6 DNR should not allow itself to merge Ukraine
March 132 10 Yatsenyuk will have to clean up, and clean - with a bang!
April 315 3 State washes its hands and no savings no
May 255 4 Novorossia - this is a historical region, who lived, lives and will live
June 191 2 Besides Saakashvili Poroshenko has not anyone to lean on
July 78 30 Holding local elections - Donbass response to the actions of Kiev.
August 124 7 Another big lie about the war in Ukraine
September 79 12 Bandera IGILiazation culture and history of Ukraine
October 143 10 Donbass Fate will depend on Moscow's position
November 124 9 Poroshenko was accused of lying
December 92 13 Kiev is preparing for a serious provocation