Vladimir Tsibulko

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January 44 27 Broadcast: http://112.ua/video/politolog-vladimir-cybulko-gost-112-ukraina-21-01-2015-117179.html
February 58 37 The political scientist has explained , what is the reason Putin's ultimatum
March 44 36 Ukraine needs another one, parallel General staff
April 35 38 Now can not be buckwheat bribery
May 54 39 Why did Firtash decide to revelations about Poroshenko in court
June 38 36 The fire at the oil depot under Vassilkov – the attack and redistribution of the market.
July 60 34 Shooting in Mukachevo — evidence of serious problems of the Ukrainian authorities
August 63 28 The Steinmeier's call for negotiations with the "LPR-DPR" – the cynicism of the Pro-Russian lobby
September 42 33 The President is not worth to fight with Lyashko
October 74 32 Criticism of Dumchev, demonstrates only the weakness of the competitors
November 45 39 Dmytro Yarosh will continue political activities.
December 32 56 Saakashvili really could reveal corruption schemes of OPP